DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

Vertical Hanging succulents

For Christmas last year, my daughter gave me a set of 2 unfinished boards. She said she thought that I could “make something with them”. Challenge accepted.

The boards reminded me of mini pallets and they have hooks on the back for hanging. It took me awhile to decide what exactly to do with them, but when I found faux succulents at the dollar store I had the idea to create a vertical succulent garden.

unfinished boards

Materials needed to make a vertical succulent garden*:

unfinished  boards (similar)

faux succulents (similar)

rustoleum stain weathered gray

sheet moss

glue gun

To give the boards a weathered finished, I first stained them with a weathered gray stain from Rustoleum. I brushed it on with a foam brush, let it soak in for a minute and then rubbed it in with an old cloth.

weathered gray wood stain

Once the stain was fully dry, I started adding the succulents. I arranged them on the board until I found a layout I liked.

how to diy a succulent garden

When I was happy with the placements, I used a little hot glue to secure each of them into place.

diy succulents

I thought it looked a little bare with only the succulents. So sheet moss to the rescue it was. Ok that might be a little dramatic, but it did really add that something I was looking for.

sheet moss

Another use for sheet moss (you will likely have a lot left over) is adding it to your potted indoor plants. It dresses them up and hides the potting soil. I used hot glue to secure the moss into place as well. This part was really messy, be sure to use newspapers underneath.

how to make a faux succulent garden

I added the moss in a random pattern. I filled it in enough to make the succulents look more full, but I also left some of the boards exposed so you can see the weathered finish on them.

Vertical Succulent Gardening

I haven’t hung these up yet, but I’m may put them on my covered porch outside. Unless one of my future DIY’s happens to include a vertical succulent garden with a real pallet and real succulents. You never know. I have about 45 projects in mind right now so we will see which one prevails.

faux succulent garden

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