12 Christmas Tree Toppers

Finding the perfect tree topper isn’t easy. I know because between decorating my tree while also planning the decorations for the Christmas house I told you about, I’ve been searching all things Christmas for weeks.

But I have found quite a few good contenders. After spending two days decorating my tree (I’ll be sharing that Thursday) I realized it looked incomplete without a topper. I did manage to find something for my tree but I’m still on the hunt for a topper for the Christmas house.

The topper I picked for my own tree is similar to this silver pearl finial, I love this style for a change.

silver pearl tree topper

Here is another finial-style tree topper in white.

white finial Christmas tree topper

Another one I’m seriously considering for the other house I’m decorating is this delicate gold star. Isn’t that pretty?

Gold sunburst star topper

Did you know that some of the earliest tree toppers were angels? If you’re going with a more rustic style tree decorations, you may like this pretty frosted bark angel.

angel Christmas tree topper decoration

The shape of this star tree topper caught my eye.

star tree topper

The theme of my Christmas house is Norway, which gnomes are heavily associated with. I thought this gnome topper was a cute option as well.

Nordic gnome tree topper

A rustic snowflake is another one I considered for my own tree.

rustic snowflake Christmas tree decorations

A simple beautiful bow is a good option if the top of your tree is delicate and can’t support anything too heavy.

natural gold bow tree topper

This star projects light at night, I bet it would look amazing when the lights are dimmed!

star light projector tree topper

This one is a pretty cross between a snowflake and a star.

snowflake star tree topper

This jeweled snowflake is very elegant.

jewel star topper

Lastly, this pretty metal angel caught my eye.

metal angel tree topper

Which of these tree toppers is your favorite?



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12 Beautiful Christmas tree toppers

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  1. Some wonderful choices! FYI….. each time I try to view your posts I get a “dangerous webpage” warning from my anti-virus software. You may want to check your security certificate or check with your platform to see why this is happening. I’d hate for you to lose followers because of false warnings

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve had issues with that in the past but I thought it had been resolved.

  2. LOVE the rustic snowflake tree topper!! Where did you find that at??

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