10 Winter Wonderland Decorating Ideas

I don’t really like decorating with a theme in mind but if I had to pick one for Christmas decorating, it would have to be a winter wonderland theme. Even the words sound pretty when you say them.

When I thought about what it would take to create a winter wonderland I came up with snow (white accents) and lights, accented with touches of warm wood tones. If you break it down like that, it doesn’t seem like such a tall order.

Today, I’m sharing 10 finds that fit that could turn your space into a winter wonderland. Who’s ready to deck those halls?


This first find is my favorite of them all. There are so many ways to decorate with this. Hang it on a porch, place it in a planter, suspend it from a shepherds hook, and I could go on but you get the idea.

wood lighted star burst decoration

Lighted Starburst Branches*


Trees wrapped in white birch exude winter wonderland!

birch trees decorations are great for a winter wonderland

Birch Wrapped Trees


No snow outside? Add these clings to the windows to set the mood.


snowflake window clings

Snowflake Clings


The first Christmas we spent in our house, I bought these window candles and have used them every year since.

white window candles

Flameless Taper Candles



Add warmth to your wonderland with these wood pinecones.

snow tipped pine cones, Christmas decorating

Snow Tipped Pinecones



Ornaments are the most versatile decorating accessory for Christmas. Stock up on white and silver and use them all throughout the house. If you need more ideas for using them see my post from last year, 10 Ways to Decorate with Christmas ornaments.

set of white ornaments, winter wonderland Christmas decorating

Set of White Ornaments


Decorating with Christmas lights is a must for creating a winter wonderland.

string lights for winter wonderland

Glimmer String Lights


This cute banner would love pretty over the fireplace or above your serving area when entertianing.

11 winter wonderland decorations let it snow banner

Let It Snow Banner


A faux fur runner will help bring your theme to the table.

white sheepskin runner

White Runner



Greet guests at the front door with this lighting deer family.

lighted deer for winter wonderland

Lighted Deer



If you love these, I have more saved on my Winter Wonderland Idea board, you can see the rest here.



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10 Winter Wonderland Christmas Decorating Ideas for your home

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