10 Pretty Ornament Sets


While I’m not trying to buy into the shipping shortages Christmas frenzy, I do start decorating early. I started doing it for blogging purposes a few years ago. Since doing so, I realized I do like getting it done early.

It gives me more time to decorate and more time to enjoy it. Having most of it done by Thanksgiving also gives me more time to enjoy the season with friends and family and that’s what it’s really all about. I do not take that lightly, especially after last year.

I’ve been looking at getting some new tree decorations this year and I’ve seen so many pretty ornament sets I thought I’d share a few here. For when you are ready to decorate or to inspire your decorating!

I don’t remember a year when I liked as many as I do this year, so many options. All of them good!

There are so many ways to decorate with ornaments outside of your Christmas tree. You can never have too many.

I noticed this set of 10 glass ornaments from Target. I love the shapes of these and the colors are classic. These would be well used every year I’m sure.

classic ornament sets

Also beautiful is this set from Leanne Ford . The colors are so on trend this year.

Christmas ornament sets

Can you imagine these mercury glass ornaments shimmering with the Christmas tree lights? This set of ornaments also come in gold.

Christmas tree ornament sets

I’m really in love with these velvet ornaments! These are only a set of two, and they’re a little on the expensive side but you can see why.

pink velvet ornaments

If you like unique style ornaments, this sketch tree set fits the bill. I’ve never seen any like this.

Christmas tree sketch decorations

You can’t go wrong with a white, silver and gold classic set either.

Mix up your shapes with these pretty drop shaped set of 8 .

I’m also partial to these green ornaments with their pretty shapes.

green ornaments

Technically, this is not a set. But I love these so much I had to include this beautiful ornament in antique white.

Maybe pink on the Christmas tree isn’t for everyone, but I do love this set of pink ornaments.

pink ornaments

When it comes to ornament sets, it pays to shop around. I saw many similar sets at very big price differences.

These rustic bells are $56 for a set of 6 and these bells from Etsy are only $12.99. I also saw this set for under $13 as well.

Additionally, I noticed this set of 4 pinecone ornaments is $30 and this set from home goods is $15 for a set of 16.


  1. The link to the velvet ornaments isn’t working

    1. Thanks for letting me know, it’s been corrected.

  2. Love the sketch tree ornaments. So pretty.

  3. Hi. Is this post from awhile ago? Cannot find the Leanne Ford ornaments anywhere?

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