Window Grids for Sliding Glass Doors

I’ve always wanted to update the sliding glass doors in my kitchen. We looked into buying something more stylish a few years ago but never did find what I was looking for. Around that time, I also considered adding window grids similar to those I used on my daughter’s mirrored closet doors.

Recently, I contacted the company, My Overlays, who custom-designed the grids for my daughter’s room. I wanted to see if they’d be able to custom design what I pictured for the sliders in the kitchen.

The idea I had in mind was inspired by the doors in the photo below. I saw this years ago and saved it. It’s one of those things that just stuck in my mind.

Because my sliding glass doors are wider than these, I knew it wouldn’t be exactly the same look. However, I did think it would be an improvement. First, I drew grids on the glass doors with soap to see how it might look. I didn’t want the solid covering on the bottom (because the cats need to see out, lol) so I drew grids on the lower half as well.

sliding glass door makeover ideas

Right away, I liked it. My Overlays agreed to custom design these based on the photos and measurements I sent them. This is what they looked like when I received them.

window panel grids for DIY window panes

Would you believe that installing these on the doors took about five minutes? Seriously, they are the easiest things ever to work with.

I positioned them on the glass first using tape to hold them in place to be sure the size was right. They were a perfect fit. Next, I removed them and cleaned the glass.

To attach them to the glass, I used double-sided white sticky tape. The company also recommends using glue dots, but I had the sticky tape on hand. The adhesive is not included with the grids.

For my daughter’s closet doors, I had used gorilla glue. I didn’t want to use that on my sliding glass doors because it had to look neat from both sides.

I attached a bit of the double-sided tape in each of the corners. The window grids are very lightweight, it doesn’t take much to hold them in place.

They are also very thin, allowing the doors to slide open without any problem. Below you can see how it looked with one side done.

DIY ideas for updating sliding glass doors

Installing the window grids is as simple as that! I really love the difference it made in here.

sliding glass patio doors - DIY makeover using window grids or grills and the perfect window treatments

The updated sliding glass doors also help to frame the view of my backyard which is in full bloom right now.

On a side note, the window treatments I have on the sliding glass doors have been in here for years. I found these curtains (the color is called Stone) during an online sale for a steal. I love them because they are thermal and our kitchen gets extremely hot during the summer.

The length is just perfect on these as well, highly recommended. I used four panels for my standard sized sliders.

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  1. I actually like your finished window (without the solid base) better than the inspiration photo). RealLy dressed up the door!

  2. marilynn m turner says:

    Looks very nice. something so simple made a nice difference

  3. Dave Oster says:

    HI. These look great.
    How does it look from the outside?

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