White Interior Design

While some think white interior design can look too sterile, other may disagree. White makes a beautiful and serene backdrop! See these beautiful rooms for example!

I must be getting predictable. I was walking through the mall with my younger daughter recently and she pointed out a bedding display. It was composed of all reds and browns.

She mentioned she liked it and I replied that I didn’t. She followed up by saying she knows I only love white. It’s true I love white, though I do love other colors as well. Just not red!

I’m not sure where my love for white interiors began, but it’s definitely on! When we converted our garage to a family room,  I was hesitant about actually painting it white. But I’m so glad I did.

White walls used to be considered sterile. Now they are the perfect base for layering, whatever your design style. A white background will enhance whatever you pair it with. Whether that be the furniture, fabrics, or architecture. Your room will feel larger and more open.

Here are some really amazing rooms featuring a mostly white interior design. I broke it down by room type. Whether your style is modern,  traditional, farmhouse,  classic, casual, glamorous, or rustic, white works with them all. You can make it calming, dramatic or ethereal. Warm it up with wood tones or muted colors, add textiles for a bohemian feel, or use black accents for a more sophisticated feel.

White Interior Design in The Living Room

Another bonus to keeping an all-white color scheme is that you can mix it up with seasonal decorating. Which is especially good in the living room.

white living room walls - all white interior design ideas

Honestly wtf

white interior design - room with neutral accents


light and bright interior color schemes

via The House Diaries

beautiful and bright entry way - white interiors

via Style Me Pretty

white home decor

Life’s Little Gems

White Kitchens

Many people are hesitant about having an all-white kitchen because they think it’ll be more difficult to keep clean. I disagree. Kitchens require constant cleaning regarding of the color palette. I went with mostly white in my own kitchen and I haven’t regretted it for a minute.

mostly white kitchen


Honestly wtf

white interior design in the kitchen -ideas and color schemes

via: Pinterest

Dining Rooms With White Color Scheme

When it comes to the dining room white once again makes for a serene mood.

rustic and white dining room

Dig and Mig


Brabourne Farms


Country Living


Digs Digs


Digs Digs

White Bedrooms

Where better to create a serene setting with white interior design than in the bedroom?


House and Garden

white interior design in the bedroom

Tracey Ayton

bedrooms with white interior design

Better Homes and Gardens


Kelly Giesen


via South Shore Decorating

Pretty White Bathrooms

Using white paint is a great way to let the light bounce around, which is important for smaller rooms such as the bathroom.


The Paper Mulberry


House of Bliss


Make Home Easier


The House Diaries

white 2

Historical Concepts via Houzz

Hallways & Transitional Spaces

Using white in transitional spaces is a nice way to clear the visual palette between other rooms that may be in a different color scheme.




via Houzz


Phoebe Howard


Hammersmith Atlanta


South Shore Decorating

Inspired to go all white? Check out the best white paint colors from Benjamin Moore!

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  1. So crazy beautiful. I want to paint my whole house white now. It makes everything else look like deliberate gorgeousness rather than clutter- LOL!

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