Watercolor Paintings from Etsy

Projects around my house have been on hold the last few weeks, we have been really busy getting my daughter prepared to leave for school. Once things settle down we will get back to my living room project, we still haven’t added any moldings after finishing the floors. In the meantime, I’ve been loving all things watercolor. Have you noticed this trend everywhere lately? I wish I could paint my own watercolors but until then I’ve been browsing around Etsy and I’ve found some beautiful watercolor paintings. Here are some of my favorites, and they’re all super affordable coming in at under $30 (except for one)!

Update: Another option for vintage-style watercolor paintings is Shop Home Revivals. Prices start at only $13!

This cottage watercolor painting speaks to the farmhouse style that I love.

cottage watercolor painting, watercolor art, watercolor paintings, watercolor landscape

White Poppy watercolor – If you like minimal decor, this pretty set is for you.

poppy watercolor paintings, watercolor drawing

Ocean City boardwalk –  Summer is just around the corner (though it doesn’t feel that way at all!) and this pretty watercolor painting just sums up those lazy boardwalk days.

Ocean City Boardwalk Watercolor Painting, watercolour paintings

Set of Four Peony watercolors – These are so pretty, the peonies are the perfect shade of blush pink. They come in a set of four but I like how they are displayed here with a set of three.

Set of Four Blush Peony Watercolor Paintings, watercolor painting flowers

Nantucket Watercolor-This perfect depicts that New England charm that we all love.

Nantucket Watercolor Painting, canvas painting

Beachy watercolor – This simple abstract would make a good base for a room’s color scheme.

beachy watercolor, watercolor painting ideas

Cotton art watercolor – This one is so creative, look at the detail of the flowers.

cotton art watercolor painting

London watercolor – I’m more of a homebody but this one is for you world travelers out there.

London watercolor

Stunning hydrangea – The artist behind this one is seriously talented!

hydrangea watercolor, watercolor paintings

Greenhouse-I wish this were a real space in my house, so charming!

greenhouse watercolor

Wisteria -Similar to the hydrangea painting above and just as beautiful.

Fine Art Print, watercolor painting print

Watercolor paintings are such a great way to brighten up a room. As I mentioned above, all of these would make a great starting point for a room’s color scheme. Which one is your favorite?

The Best Watercolor Paintings from Etsy, totally affordable beautiful wall decor PIN

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  1. The Hydrangea is absolutely my favorite! I have always wished I had artistic abilities, especially painting, I have tried, but it all looks like children’s work, which is great now that I have children, we get lots of practice together and they seem to love anything I do, but not as much as I love theirs!

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