Mix and Match Bedding Ideas

You guys I have several projects in progress over here right now but I wanted to pop in and share my recent bedding ideas.


While out shopping last month, I saw the prettiest green floral quilt. I didn’t buy it but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. More recently, I found it online. While browsing I saw another floral quilt that I thought would make for a pretty mix and match layered look.

As I often do, I popped them both into photoshop to get a visual. I had also seen the green lumbar pillow in the store, which I loved.

bedroom design board ideas

Isn’t that a pretty combination? After I saw it all together, I couldn’t unsee it. We haven’t gotten new bedding in a long time and I was ready for a bedding refresh.


Here’s a closer look at the green patterned quilt that started it all. Gorgeous. I really wanted the shams to match that quilt but those were sold out so I got the floral shams.


The lumbar pillow is extra long, 36″. It can be used as a body pillow when sleeping, so it’s not purely decorative. It’s also available in other colors. Lastly, I added new landscape art above the bed.


It’s a nice refresh for spring. That tall mirror on the end table was put there temporarily but I do like how it balances the window on the other side. I think I may just lighten up the frame on it, it looks a little dark in comparison to everything else.


I envision it to be the color of this antique side table I have in one corner.


And the green bedding matches really well with the vintage pediment I have over the closet door. I was thinking of painting this door to match it. My whole house needs a fresh coat of paint one of these days.


These layered bedding ideas are simple, but they really make a difference in the room.

white bedroom with green accents

Our small master bedroom has never really been remodeled since we moved in. It’s the only room we haven’t gotten to but in the meantime, I find easy ways to spruce it up.

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  1. Target has the shams that match your quilt !

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