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Today I wanted to share several rooms with inspiring interior design that have caught my eye lately. I feel like I’m at a crossroads in my own house. I’m getting bored with it and would love to make some changes. I really haven’t done any big changes here in the last few years.

As always, I’m on a budget so I have to plan carefully and come up with ideas that will have big impact without a ton of money. While not having a big budget for decorating can be limiting, sometimes working around that gives me my best ideas.

One way I try to work around limitations is to study inspiring rooms that I love and see how I may be able to incorporate ideas from those into my house. I don’t mean copy a whole room, but take an idea from one or two and work it into my space.

My absolute favorite designer lately has been Heidi Caillier. Every room she does is incredible. She blends color and pattern and texture like no one else. This kitchen makeover was jaw-dropping! You have to see the before on her Instagram.

inspiring small kitchen design
heidi caillier

Rooms filled with books get me every time. They add such warmth! I love this in combination with the collected art and decor.

White and wood never gets old, does it? I think the all-white everything is getting tired but warm whites mixed with wood will always be classic. It takes restraint to pull off the look below.

alex m designs neutral kitchen
alex adamson desings

Another of my favorite designers on Instagram is Carlay Page. She has an incredible eye and a unique style all her own.

The dining area shown below is another one I keep coming back to. Again, white and wood for a classic look. The built-in cabinets and antique furniture really give this small space so much character.

dining area with vintage table and chairs
victoria magazine

If you love vintage with a mix of nautical, check out The Groggy Anchor. It’s a very inspiring interior design account! I’m always taken with quirky rooms. I love the angled ceiling of the bathroom below, with the asymmetrical design and vintage touches. So good!

Here’s a similar concept but in an entryway.

Once again, warm white, wood tones, and vintage decor for the win in this pretty kitchen.

I love tiny, quirky spaces and this little bedroom below is a stunner!

Lastly, this vignette is another favorite. Simple but with well-chosen pieces. Beautiful!

interior design inspiration
susan burns design

These are some of my favorites in the way of inspiring interior design lately. Which one do you like best?

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  1. Love them all. I especially like the dining room with the built ins and a mixture of white and wood. So pretty.

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