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There hasn’t been much in the way of DIY projects around here this summer but I have been keeping busy hunting for vintage decor. It really is my favorite pastime!

Fortunately, between it being flea market season and with some help from Facebook marketplace, I’ve found several good buys this year. While I haven’t had time for big projects, I always can find time for a little redecorating.

I love to see how other people decorate with flea market finds in their homes, so I thought I’d share some of mine here today.

vintage decor mirror

There are many flea markets I go to where it’s sometimes a bust. The mirror above was from one of those this year. It was the only thing I found that day, but it’s so good it was worth the trip. Well, I did buy a cool purse at that one too but when I’m thrift hunting it’s the vintage decor that sets the barometer of a good or not-so-great day.

For now, I like how it looks just propped up on my counter reflecting the cosmos from the garden. Eventually, I may hang it on the wall.

vintage decor brass lamps

At one very good flea market this summer I scored two of these brass lamps. Two for $15! That’s real brass and I could literally scrap them for more than what I paid. Not that I would, I love them!

They didn’t come with lampshades, but after trying a few I found these that fit well. Those cost me another $40 which kind of makes my deal not so amazing but even at $55, these lamps were a great deal.

decorating with antiques

This shot is kind of random admittedly. I mixed one of these vintage brass candlesticks and candle snuffer (is that what they’re called?) in with my newer black candlesticks. I’m liking the mismatched style right here.

how to mix and match old and new decor

You guys, this little console table! My quest for the perfect entry table has been a LONG one. For years, I had a small table here that was actually a hand-me-down given to my daughter for one of her dorm apartments. When she moved home, it landed here. It fit the space but I never loved the style.

Then I changed the mirror above that old table last year which changed the whole scale. Not in a good way. The mirror looked top-heavy which made my search for a new table more urgent.

After looking for a whole year, I finally found this small antique desk on marketplace. It was over an hour away and my husband was actually in the hospital when I found it but I knew I would not stop thinking about it if I didn’t get it.

The wood tone is a little darker than what I prefer and the top is pretty beat up so this will eventually be refinished. I want to keep it wood tone, just lightened up. I’m waiting until the excessive heat here in NJ goes away before starting that project.

decorating with flea market finds

See that small little photo on the wall above the books? That was another marketplace find. It was even better in person than in the photos. It’s just a perfect little accent anywhere I put it. Now that I realized there are items on marketplace that can be shipped, I could be in trouble. I pass so many things by because they’re too far or I don’t have time to go get them.

That’s it, just a handful of fun finds so far. But now that fall is around the corner, I hope to get out to several more flea markets before the season ends for winter.

decorating with flea market finds

I find the vintage decor pieces I incorporate into our home bring me the most joy. I don’t know if it’s the thrill of the hunt or the character they add but either way I’m hooked!

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  1. All good finds, but I am particularly drawn to the little picture above the books; very sweet. Bet it makes you smile every time you look at it

  2. That table is PERFECTION! I bought a new “good enough” table, but would love to find one like your treasure.

    1. thank you! I hope you find one soon!

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