How To Restore Wooden Outdoor Furniture

If you have any wooden outdoor furniture that has seen better days, this post is for you! On my patio, I have a teak table that is only two years old. Leaving it exposed to the elements for those two years made it look much older as you can see here. Yikes!

how to restore wooden outdoor furniture

I wanted to restore it back to its natural wood tone. First, I sanded down the weathered top and sides. To sand it I used this Paint Eater tool which I’ve had for a while but had noy tried yet.

the best sander for wood

This made super quick work of sanding with little effort on my part. I’m very happy with this tool! Below you can see the difference after one pass over with the paint eater.

restoring outdoor wood furniture, teak table

I did one round of gross sanding with the paint eater and followed up with a small palm sander to get a few areas I missed. The palm sander is easier to control for more precise spots.

After the sanding was complete, I cleaned up the dust and got ready to stain it. To protect the patio, I put down a plastic drop cloth and then set up my Flexio 5000 paint sprayer.

For my stain, I opted to use Thompson’s waterproof sealer in a clear finish. I choose this product for its good reviews and for the fact that it is compatible with paint sprayers.

With the sprayer, this took no time at all.

how to restore outdoor wood furniture

I only used one coat of the sealer, but I sprayed it on pretty heavily. Hopefully, that will be enough to last for a while. Ready to see how it looks now?

refinishing an outdoor wood teak table

I can’t believe how easy it is to restore wooden outdoor furniture and what a drastic difference it made. Here’s one more before (cringing).

And after.

My backyard is still a work in progress. I did get my wheelbarrow planter filled with new flowers and my string lights hung. I started flowers from seeds that I have planted in my patio planters but those are going to take a while to fill in. We had an unusually cold spring this year.

The back part of the yard needs some help as well. I have plans for the old weathered arbor and broken fence next. I’m hoping to take that from a big eyesore to a really cool focal point of the yard.

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  1. Marilynn Turner says:

    Good job roxanne, that came out really nice.

  2. Oh my goodness, she looks brand new. Our patio table needs a little TLC too I’m afraid but I keep on putting it off because the sanding seems like too much work. I’ll have to see if I can find one of those Paint Eater tools. That will make things so much easier.

  3. I love the TRANSFORMATION. You did a BEAUTIFUL job. THANK you for sharing.

  4. What an amazing job! My outdoor table looks awful! Thanks for the tips.

  5. says:

    What a great save!

  6. Catherine Cook says:

    Thank You For the Tips

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