How To Paint A Mirror Frame Antique Gold


vintage mirror makeover

When I was working on my master bedroom makeover a few months back, I needed something on the wall to brighten one corner. I remembered this mirror my niece had given me. She found it while cleaning out her boyfriend’s grandpa’s house and thought I’d like it.

Usually, I love antique gold, but the gold finish on this mirror along with the black wasn’t working for me. Especially since I was going for a tranquil, monochromatic color scheme in this small master bedroom.

gold and black ornate mirror

The mirror frame is actually plastic so I wasn’t worried about ruining anything. My first idea was to go over it using antique gold Rub n Buff but that wasn’t turning out the way I imagined. Time to shift gears.

When in doubt, painting it white never fails so I went that way next. I did two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk until all the black and gold was covered.

painting a mirror frame

Even after painting it white, I still wanted it to look like an antique vintage mirror. Next, I went back to my Rub n Buff stash.

Rub n buff colors antique gold

Again using the antique gold shade, I started dabbing into the different crevices of the mirror. You can also use your finger but the small brush gave me more control on the placement.

how to make a mirror frame look antique vintage

I applied it just a little at a time. I stopped once I had just enough on there to give it a vintage feel.

how to paint a mirror frame antique gold

Although I wasn’t planning on painting it white, I’m really happy with how it turned out. It reminds me of something Pottery Barn would sell.

And the white ended up being perfect for the neutral colors in the bedroom.

This was a super simple DIY but it turned out so good I thought it was worth sharing with you how to paint a mirror frame antique gold. Sometimes the easiest projects turn out the best!


  1. Connie Meyer says:

    thanks for the info. I too am planning on R&B. My 75 yr old gold plaster frame is dull and chunks broke off whihc I filled in with putty and sanded. Now I am wondering should I paint under the R&B first to give it a uniform base coat, then R&B???? You gave me that idea. What kind of paint exactly did you use? Thanks

    1. Hi Connie, I used Fusion Mineral Paint on this mirror. It’s linked in the post 🙂

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