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The Fixer Upper phenomenon. Love them or not, you can’t deny their success. I wonder if anyone could have predicted when developing this show just how big it would be. I’m a big fan of the show and their amazing designs. I’m so sad the show will be ending soon, so today I thought I’d share some of my Fixer Upper Favorites. Let’s take a walk down Magnolia Lane.

Chip and Joanna don’t follow design trends, they start them. Of course they are most known for starting the shiplap craze. Joanna added texture in this all white living room with shiplap and brick. fixer upper all white living room


Do you remember this dining room full of shiplap? That space made me want to shiplap every single wall in my house. Still does.

shiplap fixer upper


I asked the question on my Facebook page last week if you think shiplap is a passing trend or here to stay. I was surprised the majority said it’s a trend. I disagree, I think it’s a classic up there with board and batten, and picture frame molding.

rustic kitchen island fixer upper


They even filled this Texas sized dining room  with shiplap.

fixer upper dining room


I think another reason for their success is that they are so relatable. They could be your neighbors or your friends. Seeing Chip on the job sites fooling around with Shorty reminds me of my husband at work. Regular people, who happen to be super talented and made it big.

fixer upper herb garden


Remember this space? I think it was from the first season of the show. After this magnolia wreath was featured in this dining room I noticed I started seeing magnolia wreaths for sale at all my favorite home decor stores.

magnolia wreath dining room fixer upper


The addition of antique doors in so many of their designs is what makes them stand out. What I wouldn’t give to walk through Joanna’s warehouse of antique doors and windows!

fixer upper antique doors


The antique headboard she used in this bedroom is a window from an old church.

antique headboard fixer upper


This  simple living room is another fixer upper favorite of mine. I love how they maximized this small room. There’s lot of design features in it, but nothing feels cluttered or overwhelming. French doors are something else they use a lot of, it adds architectural detail.

fixer upper favorites living room


The outdoor spaces they’ve created are also stunning. I loved this patio with pergola.

patio pergola fixer upper


This next photo was one of my all time fixer upper favorites.

fixer upper entry hall


Until I saw this! Seriously!?

chip and joanna gaines, fixer upper garden shed interior


The garden shed they built and featured on a recent episode is unbelievable. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when watching this episode.

fixer upper garden shed exterior, chip and joanna gaines


I think what sets them apart is their values. They’re not afraid of hard work, they speak openly of their strong faith in God, and they don’t take themselves too seriously. HGTV is going to have a hard time duplicating this kind of success. Now that we’ve seen the best, how can we accept less?

What are some of your fixer upper favorites?


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fixer upper living room joanna gaines


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