DIY Wildflower Centerpiece

After adding a touch of simple spring decorating to my mantel last week, I couldn’t stop there. My coffee table needed a pop of color as well, so I came up with a wildflower centerpiece using things I already had around the house.

DIY wildflower centerpiece

I can’t remember where I got this wooden bowl, but I absolutely love it so I used that as my base. A search around the house led me to my preserved boxwood wreaths and some faux yellow flowers (similar to these) I had used for something last year around this time.

I layered two of the boxwood wreaths on top of each other in the wooden bowl to fill it up with greenery.

creating a spring centerpiece with preserved boxwood and faux wildflowers

Next, I put in the yellow wildflowers as I’m calling them. They didn’t want to stay tucked inside the bowl, so I gave up and went with how they were naturally directing themselves. That is why I’m referring to this as the wildflower centerpiece.

For the center, a simple glass vase with a candle gives it height. The little butterfly was the one thing I did buy on my last excursion to Michaels’s stores. I clipped that to the side of the glass vase (it comes with the metal clip). I noticed these clip-on butterflies online, the color would’ve been even better with my yellow flowers.

butterfly spring craft

This literally could not have been simpler. There’s still a bit of room where real flowers could be added for Easter or even over the summer. I have a set of flower tubes that I keep around for just this reason.

home decoration for spring

Simple yet festive. It’s amazing what you can find when you shop your own house!

Spring decor DIY wildflower centerpiece

What have you made lately using things around the house?

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How To Make a Wildflower Centerpiece...using things you probably already have around the house!

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  1. So cheerful & springlike! Will be making something similar today. Hope you a d your family are staying well!

    1. Thank you, I hope you and your family are also well!

  2. Marilynn Turner says:

    very spring like. I had some easter grass from last year and some different colored plastic eggs from the dollar store.i put grass in one OF THOSE dishes that hold deviled eggs, then arranged the eggs around it.

    1. That’s very creative!

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