DIY Copper Light Fixture

DIY Copper Light

Today I’ve teamed up with a group of other bloggers for a design challenge. Each month one of us will pick an item from Home Depot that we have to make something out of. The catch is it has to be a gift for a specific person each month. This months chosen item is this little copper “t”.

Copper T


After seeing the chosen item for the first time, my very first thought was industrial light fixture, but I quickly decided that would be too hard. I spent days trying to think of something interesting to make with it. My daughter suggested a wine opener, which was a good idea but I didn’t know how I’d make that a functioning wine opener. After a week, I was starting to worry that if this were a reality show, I’d be the first one voted off the island.

I decided to just put it out of my mind for awhile. Like in the movie Men In Black (#3, I think) when they “have a piece a pie”. In the movie, that is a metaphor for giving yourself a mental break if you can’t come up with a solution. Of course, that is when I found one.

I was surfing the Urban Outfitters website and saw this copper light fixture.

copper light fixture urban outfitters

My light fixture does not look like this one,  it just gave me the inspiration I needed to go with the light fixture idea. I have to admit, I have an advantage in the lighting department. My husband is great with electrical. But to balance that advantage out, he really does NOT enjoy DIY projects and usually thinks my ideas are crazy. And you better believe I have tons of ideas for light fixtures! Remember my knock off Restoration Hardware chandelier? So I convinced him to go to Home Depot with me and see what we could come up with. We picked up a variety of copper parts.

Copper Light Parts


I showed him the Urban Outfitters copper light to give him a general idea of what I was thinking. Then my husband came up with a concept for our version, he drew it out to show me his general plan.



I asked him if we could also include a third light in the center. We got started assembling the pieces using solder.

copper light end piece


This next picture shows the center of our fixture which contains the “t”.

copper light center piece


We also picked up 3 of these lighting switches which were to become the sockets for each of our lights.

lighting kit


My husband cut them down and removed the dial switches.

copper light assembly

Not long after we started assembling this, my camera battery died. When my husband is in DIY mode, we stop for nothing for fear the mood will pass. So I don’t have pictures of every step. We were somewhat winging it as we went along anyway, so this really isn’t a step by step tutorial.

Here you can see how he wired it and spliced the wires together.

diy light fixture


After completing it, I switched out the light bulbs for round ones rather than the chandelier bulbs.

diy lighting


The arms are adjustable, they can hang straight down or out to the sides for a more modern look.

DIY Copper Light fixture



DIY Copper Light fixture


We haven’t actually installed it yet. We are undecided on whether we should keep it or actually give it to someone to fulfill the gift part of the challenge. Thanks, John for helping me make this!!

And here is what everyone else came up with, such amazing ideas all around!!





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    1. Thanks Emily! I love your book rack, very clever!

  1. So fun! I love industrial style lighting – this looks amazing! Love that the arms are adjustable, too!

    1. Thanks, Amy! I really love the table you made, impressive!

    1. Thanks, Cat. Your grill master project was a great idea!

  2. Great light fixture! This is one of my favourite projects from the challenge! I’d have a hard time giving it away too! Lol

    1. Thanks, Lindi!! Love your wine holder!

  3. Roxanne, this light is simply stunning! I love the minimalist and industrial look and you nailed it with this one.:) I’m glad I’m not the only one who soldered.:) Great job!

    1. Thanks Shannon, I love your very clever clipboard art!!

  4. This is so amazing Roxanne! I am blown away! Love it!

    1. Thanks, Shelly! I LOVE your lamp idea!!

  5. So happy you stuck to your original idea and went for it, it’s awesome!! And oh to have an electrical-loving hubby 🙂

  6. Really cool light fixture! It would be har for me to give it away.

  7. I love it! I think the round bulbs are a great touch, too. I’d have a hard time parting with that light fixture if I made it myself. 🙂

  8. This challenge is the coolest ever! All of these projects are fantastic and your copper light fixture looks amazing. I’m in awe!

  9. This is great! I love it. I think something like this would be great to put in my husbands home office. It seems like a pretty easy DIY project. I love the use of the copper.

  10. I LOVE this! This is my kind of DIY. Thanks for sharing with us at the Momma Told Me Link Party. I so want to try to make one of these. I need it over my table. Sigh….


  11. Love it! I’m glad you went with the round bulbs too! I love this challenge! How fun. There are so many neat ideas that are being shared. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday! You will be my Feature with the new party starting tonight at 9pm EST.
    Pinning to my DIY board and the Merry Monday Features board.

    1. Hi Shirley, that’s awesome, thanks!!

  12. It’s so fun to create with bits and pieces from Home Depot. I did not know about this challenge, will have to check it out. Great project! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – we hope to see you again next week. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

  13. Wow…I love it!
    Thank so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  14. Seriously … how cool is that? Your fixture looks so great – tons of possible places I could stick that in my house! Thanks for sharing at the Pretty Preppy Party! xx, b

  15. I’m so in love with this! I like that it’s so versatile with the adjustable bulb sockets too. Thanks so much for sharing over at Your Turn To Shine!

  16. Interesting! I can see this going in lots of different spaces. Thanks for linking up to Show Me Saturday.

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