Easy DIY Christmas Tree Sign



The idea for this easy DIY Christmas tree sign came to me at the oddest time. It was early August and I was in Georgia at the Haven conference (a conference for home decor bloggers). I had received a numbers stencil from one of the vendors, Deco Art, the day before. This day I was sitting in one of the blogging classes when the idea formed out of nowhere. Apparently, I wasn’t paying much attention to whichever class I was in at the time.

You may remember I used these stencils once before to make coasters. This time I wanted to make a Christmas version of subway art. This was a fun project, but I didn’t do it all in one day because it takes some time. I started it one night (which is why my in-progress photos are a little dark) and finished it up another day.

What You Will Need*:

Canvas 18 X 24″

Black Chalkboard Paint

Numbered Stencils

Painter’s Tape

Chalk Marker, White

Gold Leaf Pen

Ruler (or something with a straight edge)



To get started, first you have to draw out the shape of your tree on the canvas. I was going to use a ruler to do this, but I had this rustic tree which had the perfect angles so I used this. The tree I was tracing was smaller than I wanted it to be on my canvas, so I just used it to trace the edges, making it much wider than my tree template.

Christmas wall art DIY decorating ideas


Next, I used my painters tape to tape off the edges. Then I painted in the tree area with black chalkboard paint.

Christmas decorating ideas diy wall art


Once that is fully dry, start tracing out your numbers with a pencil. I made up the pattern as I went along, which is why it was important to use a pencil with this. That way I could erase anything that didn’t look right. I wanted the look of subway art, so the numbers had to be a little random and varying sizes.

DIY Christmas decorations


I did erase and redo several areas before getting the look I wanted.

Easy DIY Christmas tree sign



Once the numbers were traced, I colored them in with a white chalkboard marker. I forgot to take pictures of this step. I placed the stencil back over each number as I colored it in to make it easy.

DIY Christmas wall decorating ideas


I knew I wanted the number 25 to stand out. When I was shopping in Michael’s one day, I saw foil leaf markers. I bought the gold one and used that to color in the 25. Then I decided to take it a step further and outline the entire tree in the gold leaf marker. I’m seriously loving this marker and will likely be gold leafing everything this Christmas, lol.

Easy DIY Christmas tree sign


I always know a project was a success when my husband comments positively on it, which he did when he saw this. I had a little fun trying my new DIY Christmas tree sign in different locations around the house.



This project was a little time consuming but easy! I really enjoyed this one and would even say this is one of my favorite Christmas decorations now.


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Easy DIY Chalkboard Christmas Tree Art


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  1. What a modern vibe to the holiday’s, some thing unique and well done! All your hard work paid off.

  2. Here’s to time-consuming but heartily satisfying projects!!

  3. Such a cute idea. I have a slim canvas that I want to recycle and I may have to do this. Thanks for sharing this on Merry Monday. Pinned.

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