DIY Mason Jar Coasters

DIY Mason Jar Coasters with Chalkboard Paint

Hi guys! My latest little project was kind of an accidental DIY. After I refinished the nightstands in my master bedroom, I realized I needed something to put on them to protect the finish because my husband keeps a drink at his bedside every night. I happened to have a little basket full of mason jar lids in the room. They are leftover from all of the mason jars I use around the house as vases. I put one on the nightstand that day as a temporary solution.

Then I remembered this cute numbered stencil set I got at the Haven conference from Deco Art and the idea was born for my DIY mason jar coasters. Give a blogger a free stencil and it will not go to waste!

Number Stencils

First, here is a supply list if you’re interested in making some of these for yourself (would also make a cute hostess gift!).

What You Will Need*:

Mason Jar Lids (3.5″D)

Numbered Stencils

Chalkboard Paint

Small Paint Brush

White Chalk Marker or Paint Marker

Hot Glue Gun

Spray Modge Podge


I gathered up my mason jar lids and separated them from the outer rings. I couldn’t find these lids for sale without getting the jars as well, but you can never have too many mason jars, right? You will need the larger size jar lids for this, the small-sized will be too small to really hold a glass.

how to make mason jar coasters


I painted the inner part of the lid with two coats of the chalk board paint, letting each coat dry in between.

DIY how to make chalk board mason jar coasters


For the numbers, I used a permanent chalk marker that I already had. You could also use a paint marker, which they sell at Michaels, but I’ve yet to try these myself.

chalk marker


Because the numbers on this set of stencils are different sizes, I only used the smaller ones. The larger ones would’ve been too large for the lids. I do like that the numbers aren’t exactly all the same size…perfectly imperfect.

mason jar chalk board coasters


I then used a few drops of hot glue to keep the lids attached to the outer rings. And lastly, I took them outside and sprayed them with two coats of spray Modge Podge to seal them and prevent scratching.

mason jar lid coasters with chalkboard paint


So simple, yet so cute!

Numbered Mason Jar Coasters diy


DIY Mason Jar Coasters with Chalkboard Paint and Numbered Stencils -


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  1. This is genius! Good job! Sharing on FB later today ๐Ÿ™‚

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