Christmas Living Room

Last week I showed you my Christmas mantel ideas but I didn’t show you the rest of my Christmas living room. The mantel is the star so I kept the rest of the room minimal but festive.

Christmas living room decorations ideas

My living room is small so I really didn’t want to put the tree in here this year. When we do, we lose seating which I will need for Christmas this year.

The only addition to the TV area is tiny brass bells.

Christmas decor tv stand

The TV area has enough going on so just a small accent here was enough.

small holiday decor that doesn't take up much space

How adorable is that little vintage chair, though? I found that while thrifting and picked it up for when my niece comes over with her baby.

decorating around the TV for Christmas

For the entry area, I hung a brass horn on the mirror. I embellished that a bit with a sprig of greenery and ribbon.

small entry way decorated for Christmas

That white deer statue I’ve had for years and it makes an appearance every year. He’s a favorite.

Christmas foyer

The lamp is vintage. That was a super fun find. I was picking up something I found on Facebook marketplace and the woman had this lamp out when I got there. I was more excited about this than what I initially went to pick up!

simple Christmas living room decor

This pottery is a vinegar jug from the 1800s and one of my favorite thrifted finds to date.

side table Christmas decor

In the jug, I placed a branch from a pine tree. I had my husband drive me around the block to cut branches off a tree to use for decorating, they’re perfect in this jug. He’s used to my craziness now so he didn’t even think twice about it.

small Christmas living room ideas

Branches are great way to add a touch of holiday without taking up much space.

Because our Christmas tree will not be in our living room this year, I put this small artificial tree in a planter instead. I kept it super simple with just a strand velvet ribbon.

Christmas living room ideas

I like to use lots of pretty ribbons on my gifts so they double as Christmas decor. My kids know to save all the ribbons on their gifts each year, so I can reuse them. Especially this velvet ribbon, it isn’t cheap. But it’s worth the money.

Christmas decor small living room

For the coffee table, I kept that very simple as well. I put white candles on top of a small vintage mirror and covered the bottom with fake moss.

Christmas coffee table decor

My living room is in need of a few updates, such as painting and finding a new coffee table that fits better. I have a DIY idea for the coffee table that I’m looking forward to working on. These updates are high on my to-do list for January.

Christmas mantel decor

You can shop for similar items shown in this post below.

I’m still working on my porch and my Christmas tree but I’m very close to being done. I look forward to finishing it all up so I can sit back and enjoy it for a few weeks.



  1. Leslie Zagrobelny says:

    You have a unique way of decorating, I am very over the top when I decorate. I wish I could simplify like you do but when I try it looks like there’s something missing. Love your Blog.

    1. Thank you so much Leslie, that is a very nice compliment. 🙂

  2. Donna Zoltanski says:

    Love your vintage vinegar jug, the color too. White pine is the perfect accent! Love your decorating and ideas I can copy. Thanks!

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