9 Creative Ways to Use an Embroidery Hoop

I’m really not a crafty person, I don’t have the patience for it.   I do, however, love cheap decorating ideas and sometimes that requires a little crafting.  Embroidery hoop wreaths are so versatile, there is no end to the creative things you can make with them.  They only cost a dollar or two at the craft store, so they definitely fall into the budget-friendly category.

One obvious thing you can make with an embroidery hoop is a wreath.  My little eucalyptus wreath is one of my favorite craft projects that I’ve ever done.  It was so simple, it took less than ten minutes to make!

Spring Eucalyptus DIY Wreath Idea, wooden hoop embroidery hoop art wreaths


Here’s a genius idea,  add succulents to mini hoops and hang in groups.



When it comes to embroidery hoop wreaths, more is always better.  Make a wall of wreaths like you see here from Cotton Stem.  Isn’t this gorgeous?

cotton stem wall of wreaths, embroidery hoop


Another creative idea is to use two slightly different size hoops and create a lampshade.

wooden hoop lampshade, embroidery hoops


This wall hanging made using several hoops hung from a large branch is beyond beautiful and would not cost too much to make for such a large statement!

embroidery hoop wall hanging


You could also make a beautiful mobile for a child’s room that can be easily customized to fit your theme.

embroidery hoop mobile dwell beautiful


Orbs are a great decorating accessory, that can be used almost anywhere!   Make a decorative orb using several embroidery hoops.

embroidery hoop art


Take it one step further and fill that orb with succulents and make it a terrarium!

succulent-diy-terrarium-using wooden hoop


If you prefer more modern decor, try this boho wall hanging.

modern diy wall decor, wooden hoop embroidery hoop art


You can even use it to make a canopy for your bed!  These crafty projects are cheap and easy while still making a big impact and those are my favorite kinds of crafts.  Want to see more?  Check out some of my favorite cheap decorating ideas that look chic here!


9 Creative Ways to use an embroidery hoop, home decor DIY craft ideas


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