5 More Versatile Decorating Accessories

You may remember my first post about versatile decorating accessories, called  the 5 Most Versatile Decorating Accessories. Today I’m sharing another 5 versatile decorating accessories that are good to have on hand when inspiration hits. A few strategically placed accessories can really transform the room.

1. Books  

I recently shared an entire post about decorating with books. Books can be used to warm up a room, add height to smaller accessories and fill in any bare spaces in your decor.


12th and white

 12th and white


 via the Budget Decorator


2. Plants  

Plants can really give life to a room. Many plants help purify the air such as:  Snake Plants,  English Ivy, Boston Fern and the Peace Lily. Beautiful and functional.


rustic entry

via Vibeke Design


tidbits and twine

 via Tidbits and Twine

3. White plates

Really, is there anywhere you can’t use a white plate? Besides being a perfect base for seasonal table settings, you can use them as trays for decorative items or hang them up on the wall as part of a display.



beautiful white plates

Stone Gable


plates on wall



4. Mason jars

This pick should come as no surprise, do I even need to give reasons why these are so versatile?

decorating with mason jars


mason jar sconces

 via LifeHacker


5. Water Pitchers

Besides being functional for obvious reasons, they can also serve as utensil holders,  or for displaying flowers. And really they look good all by themselves.

pitchers with florals

a rosy note

pitcher with silverware

wayside treasures

white ironstone pitcher

via a shabby moment in time

Don’t underestimate the power of a few well-placed accessories!

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  1. I like those “freshly picked flowers” or plants inside my home. It gives me that peaceful and blissful feeling. And of course, mason jars are perfect anywhere.

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