3 Easy DIY Christmas Coffee Table Decorations

When it comes to holiday decorating, I often feel it’s the simple accents that I love best. Today I wanted to show you three easy ideas for DIY Christmas coffee table decorations.

I used a couple of vintage vessels to make these but you could use any simple items you have around the house. I will link to several I spotted online at the end of this post.

Any containers, bowls, or vases that you love will work. These are easy to customize to your liking!

And each of them only requires a few easy steps to create.

Though I’m calling these coffee table arrangements, they can be used on a side table, a dinner table, or anywhere else you’d like to add your personal touch.

easy candle centerpiece

For my easy candle centerpiece, I used an antique silver dish, candles, floral foam, and an old candleholder I found.


First, I placed scrunched-up newspaper in the bottom of the dish. Then I put the candleholder in the bottom of the dish with a piece of floral foam in the center.

If you don’t have any candleholders that will fit, you can skip that step and use only the foam instead.

Then simply add your candles and fill the top in with moss. I made my center candle taller on purpose for varied height.

easy candle centerpiece

Rather than white candles, you can switch out the color to match your decor or to match the season.

coffee table Christmas decorations

It looks even more beautiful at night when lit and makes a pretty focal point on my coffee table. However, it’s simple enough not to compete with the rest of my living room Christmas decorations.


Vintage container with evergreens

Next, I wanted to make a small container filled with natural elements.

This little trophy container was perfect for a side table. However, this could be grouped for a coffee table vignette. I can also picture this in a shallow wicker basket or wooden tray with candles and colorful ornaments.


To make this, I first put some crumbled newspaper in the bottom as filler.


Then I placed a small, round piece of floral foam and pressed it down over the newspaper so that it was below the surface of the trophy.


For my greenery, I used evergreen sprigs cut from a shrub in my yard. Any fresh greenery will work, such as pine branches, arborvitae, or boxwoods. Alternatively, you could use fresh flowers for a pretty floral arrangement.

I poked the stem into the floral foam to get it to stand up.


Lastly, I filled it in with mini pine cones and cinnamon sticks. The cinnamon sticks also add a nice scent to this one.


This was so simple but it looks so pretty. It’s a great way to fill any little empty spots with a bit of holiday decorations and fresh scent.

You can give it more height on a table by placing a stack of books under it.

One more idea for this is to make it on a much larger scale. Use a large container and big evergreen branches. You could even hang Christmas ribbon or ornaments from the branches. There are so many decorative elements to choose from this time of year!

Terra cotta planters with candles

If you are looking for an easy DIY, this one is it. You’ll need floral foam, mini terra cotta pots, candles, and a filler to make these DIY candle holders.

I used mini pots with taper candles but you could take this same idea and use larger pots with pillar candles.


I also used candle drip catchers but this isn’t necessary. First I pushed the drip catcher down into the foam. If you aren’t using one, simply push your candle into the foam instead.


Then place it into your terra cotta pot. For a natural look, I added moss to mine. Initially, I was going to use the sheet moss shown in the photo but I found the Sphagnum moss looked better.

You can use your creativity here and fill it with anything interesting such as faux snow for a winter wonderland look.


Another idea is to add name cards and use these as a place setting. Or make them cute little party favors filled with mini candies.


You could make several of these and group them on a dining room table for a simple centerpiece. Add some red berries to make them even more festive for the holiday season.

The best part is because these Christmas coffee table decor ideas are mostly natural materials, you could leave them out for the entire winter, not just the Christmas season.

I love that idea because the house usually feels cold and bare in the winter after all the holiday decor comes down.

Have these easy DIY Christmas coffee table decorations put you in the holiday spirit? Let me know in the comments!

Vintage Container Ideas:

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