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I think it’s safe to assume that our master bedrooms are usually the last room to get fixed up in a house because visitors rarely ever see it. But we spend so much time in our beds we should try to make it as comfortable and as beautiful as possible. January is a good time for a bedding refresh with all the white sales going on. There are lots of ways to refresh a bedroom without spending any money.

For my daughter’s room, shown in the picture above, just changing out the bedding and the accessories on the desk beside it made a tremendous difference. I like to shop Marshall’s and Home Goods for bedding sets, they have some amazing finds for small budgets.

For my own master bedroom, which needs some refreshing, I’ve been picking up items over the course of a few months  which is another budget friendly way to decorate. I know the look I’m going for so I pick up items that will work when I see them. I have a new set of sheets, a  throw blanket and a few accessories so far. I decided to keep them in the closet until I get enough pieces together to do a bigger makeover.

Inspired by a giveaway I have for you today,  I came up with 10 free ways to refresh your bedroom. To get you started on a bedroom refresh you can enter to win a set of sheets (shown below) in your choice of available color, from Home Dynamix! Thanks to Home Dynamix for sponsoring this giveaway!


10 Free Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom:

1.  Declutter and give it a good cleaning first. Adding risers to your bed creates extra storage space underneath.

2.  Make your bed. I have to make my bed first thing every day, if I don’t it really bothers me.

dottie duvet wayfairvia Wayfair

3.  Rotate/flip your mattress for even wear.

4.  Vacuum the mattress while changing/washing your sheets.

5.  Rearrange the furniture for a new look.

bedroom furniture arrangement


6.  Add a beautiful quilt or blanket over the headboard to create a focal point.

Quilt over headboardvia Country Living

7.  Add some throw pillows in a fun color/pattern or add a textured throw blanket. Ok, this one isn’t free but one trick I use for throw pillows is to buy the pillow inserts from Wal-Mart. Then you can just buy pillow covers (I shop Pottery Barn clearance for those) and switch them out for an update.

neutral bedding set

8.  Change out your wall decor and/or small accessories, swap things from other rooms or repurpose items you aren’t using. I used large fabric samples to create this very inexpensive wall art.

bedroom wall art

Via Wayfair

 9.  Keep it tranquil by removing electronics  (I’m so guilty of this!).

10.  Add fresh flowers or plants.

bedroom with greeneryvia Harper’s Bazaar 

Enter below to win a new set of sheets and good luck!

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10 Free Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom


  1. These sheets look very nice and comfy!

  2. Danyelle H says:

    Great ideas! My bedroom is in need of some refreshing, will try these tips, thank you!

  3. Love that bedset! Gorgeous pics

  4. I plan on trying some of these tips, especially adding fresh flowers!

  5. I love these sheets!

  6. Love all these tips! My bedroom definitely needs a refresh!

  7. Jen Dantuma says:

    Thanks for the great tips! I’ve been redecorating all over the house the last couple of weeks…always for free, shopping what I have. I’m going to get out a quilt I have and try it over the headboard today. Thanks for the chance to win the free set of sheets! 🙂

  8. Brenda Haines says:

    Thanks for the chance, I could really use a new set of sheets.

  9. goodness i need new sheets badly! i go way to long before I upgrade

  10. New sheets can make such a huge difference. It is definitely time for mine to be replaced.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  11. Thank you for all the creative ideas! My bed could definitely use pretty new sheets! Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Cami Valenzuela says:

    These are awsome tips thanks so much. I love the idea of fresh flowers in the room. I can definitely use some fresh sheets. Thanks so much

  13. A beautiful and comfortable/comforting bedroom is one of the best things!

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