Where to Store the Microwave?

microwave placement

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While I’ve been slowly making progress on the room I chose for the One Room Challenge, I’ve also been working on my kitchen. Because the design part of my brain Just. Never. Stops! My kitchen has  a door that leads to my family room. For my birthday last month my husband bought me a French door to replace the original door. That is finally installed but it still needs to be painted.

About a week after we bought the French door our stove broke. When shopping for a new range we decided to get the matching microwave to hang above it. My current microwave sits on my counter top, taking up too much valuable space. Hanging the microwave above requires moving some cabinetry around, and moving the venting. I’ve never shared a picture of my kitchen yet on the blog because it’s a builder grade before if you’ve ever seen one, but I will be soon!

In the meantime I’ve been browsing the internet looking at range and microwave placements. I’ve been paying particular attention to where microwaves are incorporated into the designs. I use mine every day so it needs to be accessible. I would really love a stand out range hood, but in my small kitchen that just isn’t an option.

The first picture above looks beautiful, the microwave is within reach and they still have a pretty range cover. But that also won’t work in my kitchen due to lack of space. I did find some inspiring photos of kitchens with the microwave directly above the range.


white kitchen houzz

via Houzz

beneath my heart

Beneath My Heart

small kitchen design

via Feed Inspiration

I also love the idea of having the microwave hidden in the cabinets.

hidden microwave


concealed microwave


small kitchen design

via Feed Inspiration

Tucking the microwave into an island is also an idea. While this looks amazing, my first thought is it’s probably not a safe idea if you have small children. Also, I think it’s not so easily accessible.

kitchen island with microwave

via Hooked on Houses

microwave in kitchen island

via Home Dzine

If you have the space for a beautiful sideboard, you could place the microwave on there, somewhat hidden in a vignette.

microwave on a cart

Dear Lillie

microwave shelf

 Life Made Lovely

In addition to my new French door, I made over another set of doors (DIY style!) in my kitchen that I can’t wait to share next week.

Where to Store the Microwave

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  1. We have our microwave in our island and we have a three year old and it has never been a problem. I actually love it there. No more having to pull hot dishes out over your head! It is out of the way but very convenient and accessible. Just wanted to share!

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