Stunning Faux Fall Flower Arrangements

The colors of fall are so beautiful,  I love bringing a touch of that into my house. This year, I’m looking for beautiful faux fall stems and branches that can be enjoyed year after year. I used to be very against any type of fake flowers in the house. I think that was thanks to Oprah and Nate Berkus. On the Oprah show, they used to talk about how you should never use the fake stuff in your house. These days, I’m finding the faux fall flower arrangements are very realistic looking!

So rather than trying to replace wilted flowers every week, keep it easy this year with these done-for-you fall flower arrangements!

My favorite way to create a stunning display is with fall branches.

fall branches


This copper vase with wheat is so beautiful!

copper vase with wheat sprigs


A classic sunflower arrangement will always be in style, I love the container on this one especially.

fall sunflower arrangement, fall flower arrangements


Purple pumpkins and cotton stems will take you right through to Thanksgiving.

fall flower arrangements 1


I love anything in a set of three, and this pretty centerpiece with orange mums is no exception.

fall floral centerpiece mums, fall flower arrangements


wood vase with stems is a nice transitional piece from summer to fall.

wooden vase with simple stems faux floral arrangements for fall


If you prefer non-traditional colors, check out this peony arrangement.

peony fall floral arrangement


I’ve made floral arrangements in hollowed-out pumpkins in years past, but you can save yourself the trouble with faux succulents in a pumpkin.

fall flowers in pumpkin


When using faux floral arrangements there’s no need to worry about changing the water every few days or the mess real flowers make when they start to wilt. What do you think, are you pro faux floral arrangements or are you still programmed with what Nate and Oprah told us?


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  1. Lee Wittenstein says:

    I’m very pro. As you say, the faux flowers these days are great and I don’t have the resources that Oprah has. 🙂

    Where did you find that purple pumpkin arrangement? I love it!

    1. Lee, I had to smile and chuckle re your comment on not having the resources Oprah has because I agree! Yet for the rare time I treat myself to the real thing, I will add faux with real and you can’t tell the difference unless you’re up close resulting in more floral vases about the house going this route. =)

  2. Love the idea! I didn’t know there are so many type of faux flower like this 😮

  3. Flowers can make the house not just smells good but vibrant and lively..always use original flowers not the plastic one..even though you must change it everyday it can help soothes your inner aura and make your day brighter..

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