Small Side Table DIY Upcycle

diy small end table upcycleFlea market finds sometimes make for the best decor. I didn’t buy much at flea markets this summer because I don’t want my entire home to look like it was thrifted, but I did score this wheel that I used to make a small side table.


flea market find turned side table


Isn’t it cool? I’m not sure exactly what it’s from, but the guy who sold it to me said he thinks it’s a wheel from an old grist mill. Of course, that made me love it even more. My husband wanted to turn this into a light fixture. I LOVED that idea, but this wheel is pretty heavy and I thought that might be an issue when hanging. Plus, I needed a new small side table in my living room, so we went with that idea instead.

Although this was a DIY project, I didn’t do any of it myself. What this entailed was out of my league. I first needed a glass piece cut for the top the table. I brought the wheel to a local glass & aluminium shop and had them cut it for me to perfectly fit this piece.

side table DIY upcycle with glass top


The wheel has that wood piece in the middle, and fortunately a little lip around the inside that was ideal for resting the glass on. They cut it so it fit snug in there, no adhesive of any kind required.

small wooden side table


Next I needed legs, and I wanted to use hairpin legs. I got the idea for this table from my niece, so shout out to her! She is a DIYer after my own heart and really needs to start her own blog! So after shopping around Amazon for hairpin legs*, I realized that I was going to need something custom for this  wheel due to the thin wood around the edges. Most, if not all, hairpin legs come with a large, triangular baseplate that attaches to the piece. Because the edge of the wheel is thin, that type of baseplate would not work here.

So I hopped over to and found a shop called Vintage Steel and Wood that would custom make these for me. I sent the shop owner the dimensions along with a few pictures. Within a week, they custom legs were shipped to me. This is what they look like from underneath.

small side table upcycle adding hairpin legs


Here it is completed.

DIY Small Side Table from a wheel upcycle


A closer look at the top.

side table with glass top DIY ideas


Hairpin legs are readily available in a variety of heights. I used the 16″  height for this, keeping in mind the height of the wheel itself was 6″,  making the overall height of the finished side table 22″. The small side table is a perfect fit in my living room.

small side table DIY upcycle


I love how the rustic wood contrasts with the fabric on these upholstered chairs next to it.

Rustic side table DIY small side table


Not too bad for a flea market find! What do you think?

side table DIY ideas



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  1. I love this side table. Hairpin legs make anything look great and the glass top is a great idea. What a fantastic upcycle.

    1. Thanks Claire, I agree with you about hairpin legs!

  2. What an amazing update! I really like the contrast of the wood next to those pretty chairs.

    1. Thank you Kenyatta!

  3. Love this! Makes me want to go find something to up-cycle 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Emily, upcycling can be addicting!

  4. I simply love the side table! Without a doubt, it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing the details!

    1. Thank you Isadora, I really love it too!

  5. This is just awesome, I love the side view… all that nice, weathered wood! Great idea to turn it into a table!


    1. Thank you, the weathered wood is perfect!

  6. ALLAN DAMIAN says:

    Great find indeed!

    I love your upholstered chairs, by the way! Where did you get them?

  7. I absolutely love how you repurposed a vintage piece as charming decor! Thank you for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

  8. Vickie White says:

    This is the best idea I’ve seen in re-purposing an item from the past! It is beautiful! I am going to keep an eye out for one of these wheels. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. This table is gorgeous! It is high end designer and shows the care and sense of detail you put into creating it. Those special designed hair pin legs are fabulous. Congratulations its a gorgeous piece of furniture.

  10. Love the side table. The wheel was a great find! Made the perfect table.

  11. What a great repurpose!!! I think your find is actually part of a mold from an old foundry. I have a piece that is very much like it and that ‘s what mine is. Love the table!!! I just may have to copy you.♥

  12. Love the table, but where is that rug from?! ????

  13. Louise Adkins says:

    Your table is great, very unique.

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