Simple Living Room Decorating Ideas

Rustic Living Room Simple Decorating Ideas


Sometimes people have a tendency to over-complicate things. Do you ever feel that way? I prefer to live simply when possible. When it comes to decorating, there are two things you can do to almost guarantee a beautiful room. I’m using a living room design board that I put together as an example, but this works in any room.

Follow these two guidelines:

The First is to incorporate as much architectural detail as possible. When you have amazing architectural details you could fill a room with even flea market furniture and it will still look amazing. Have you ever noticed in home decor catalogs and magazine the details of room? They almost always contain rooms with beautiful windows, moldings, or some other form of character in the details.

The second is to keep the larger elements of the room neutral. When decorating for clients sometimes they get so inundated with ideas whether at the store, online, or at a family members house that they get off track. Which is understandable, there are many factors to consider when buying furniture. Is the sofa too light? Is it stain resistant? Is it comfortable? Is it the right scale?

These are all important questions. When you set out shopping with your color scheme & measurements ready, it’s easy to quickly weed out what won’t work. By process of elimination it narrows down the enormous amount of choices. If you’re interested in any of the items in the design board, the sources are listed below.

Get This Look*:


Neutral Sofa Ideas - decorating ideas


Chair (similar)

neutral wing chair decorating ideas



Beautiful neutral patterned diamond print rug



Round Iron aged brass chandelier


Coffee Table

simple and neutral decorating ideas

End Table




decorating accents


Wall Decor


Even though this room is neutral, it has tons of texture. And everything ties in together for a put-together look. The pillow pattern echos the rug pattern. The rustic table matches the wall decor. The metal side table matches the light fixture, etc. When you keep the larger elements of a room neutral, it creates the perfect backdrop for adding pops of color and seasonal decor.


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    1. Thank you Caroline!

  1. Love your style! And a big yes to architectural detail. That pretty window frame would definitely add that detail. The couches are neutral and give you so many options to add in layers of color, or whatever your style may be!

  2. Love the light tones. Great tips on decorating. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great tips about scale and architectural detail!

  4. That chandelier is perfection! Perfection! and it works so well with everything else too.

  5. I totally agree. I think people tend to over complicate things when decorating. Keep it simple! Love this combination!

  6. Oh that chandelier is so pretty! Architectural detail is such a great tip. I love all the details of a room.

  7. I am loving all of these! That chair and that light have me in love!

  8. I need a new neutral sofa right now! Thanks for these beautiful ideas. Pinned.

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