How To Fix Flat Couch Cushions


Does your couch suffer from misshapen cushions? Before you think about replacing it, read on to learn how to fix flat couch cushions (or sagging, misshapen cushions).

We’ve had our sofa for several years now. The back cushions were losing their shape (see below photo) from everyday wear and tear. I still love this couch and didn’t want to replace it so I figured out a way to fix it.

how to fix flat couch cushions

The more I researched this, the more I realized this is a very common problem for people. Whether it’s lumpy back cushions or flat seat cushions you’re going to see wear and tear eventually.

I came across this blog post on how to fix sagging cushions that pointed me in the right direction. After reading that, I decided to try high-density upholstery foam.

From what I’ve learned, the best foam density for a couch is around 1.8 and is the industry standard. The foam I ended up buying 1.5 because I was looking for a thickness of 4″ and this foam was the closest I could find. In retrospect, I bought WAY too much. I really wasn’t sure how much length I needed. Half of that or less would’ve been plenty.

foam filling for flat couch cushions

Fortunately, because this sofa is slipcovered the cushion covers are easily removed (and washable). You can see how flat and lumpy the cushion inserts had become below.


I tried a few different ways of stuffing the cushions with the foam and what worked best was to cut it into strips and do a little at a time. I molded the cut foam around the inside edges of the covers and continued adding more as needed.


In doing this, it helped to reshape the original insert as well, pushing it more together. Here is the same cushion with the foam added.

how to make couch cushions firm again

It’s amazing how well this worked, the couch looks new again. The foam is firm enough that I don’t think the couch will be prone to sagging again.


I only needed to use it on the back couch cushions but I believe it would work very well on the seat cushions as well.

Another option I noticed for sagging seat cushions is something called the sofa saver. It comes in loveseat sizes as well. I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s affordable enough that it’d be worth a try.


This took me less than an hour to fix and made a huge difference! The foam is holding up well about a month later, with no flat cushions. And the foam is obviously MUCH less expensive than buying a new couch!

Look at this side by side before and after!

how to fix flat or sagging couch cushions before and after

Isn’t that amazing? Such a simple fix made such a big difference!

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