Garden Decor Ideas

You guys, I have been working nonstop outside on my yard and gardens. Spring brings so much work out there, but it is work I love. I like to get my lawn care and maintenance finished before it gets too hot. That way, I can spend the summer enjoying it and working on new garden decor ideas.

And as far as garden decor goes, I have found so many cute things online recently! If I had more room, I’d love to have all of these! But I don’t, so at least I can share them with you!

This lily pad bird bath is absolutely adorable! I may have hinted to my daughters that this would make a good mother’s day present. 😉

garden decor ideas - lily pad bird bath

l have one spot in my yard where I keep imagining a wall fountain. I envision it with climbing vines around it similar to the outdoor mirror on my porch. This is high on my list of things to get done this year.

garden wall decoration ideas

I didn’t even know I needed a garden table till I saw this. It’s pricey but my goodness, it’s perfect!

garden table - backyard decor ideas

All arbors are beautiful but the shape of this metal garden arbor really caught my eye. The price is great on that one too.

metal garden arbor - garden ideas on a budget

A garden finial sculpture brings in a little rustic elegance. This is also high on my list. I’d love to find an unusual one second-hand somewhere.

garden finial - garden decor ideas

All gardens need a little hardscape and these concrete stepping stones laid over those white rocks are really stunning.

square stepping stones - decorative stones for garden ideas

This site has so many cute and different garden statues including this set of mushroom statues. There are lots of cute critter statues on that site as well.

garden statues - garden decor ideas

I’m kind of obsessed with this garden hose pot. I love the finish on it and that it has a lid. I already have a pretty pot for my hose that was given to me by a family member, it’s a nice way to disguise the utilitarian.

garden hose pot

A fun sun dial would be an interesting element that you don’t see often.

sundial - yard art ideas

There’s a really gorgeous garden sculpture place not far from where we live. I love to visit for garden decor ideas. In it, they have an enormous gazing ball feature that I’ve always admired. The gazing ball below is more of a normal size for household gardens. Very pretty and whimsical.

yard art ideas - gazing ball for garden

Add a little zen moment to the garden with a balancing stones garden stake

garden stone stake - small garden design ideas

A windbell chime is a two-for-one bonus in the garden. You’ll get the beauty of it as well as the soothing sound.

windbell chime

There’s just something about decorating the garden that is so fun. Maybe because there’s less pressure for it to be perfect as compared to interiors. My outdoor spaces are really my favorite areas to be creative!


  1. Kathy Shank says:

    Beautiful items..a friend had a plastic hose pot and snakes wouldn’t stay out of it. Have a relaxing day.

  2. I would love to know where you found the metal table!

    1. HI Brenda, it’s linked in the post.

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