Five for Friday #11

Happy Friday everyone! This week went by so fast! I’ve been tackling a painting project in my spare time this week. I’m finally getting my master bedroom prepped for a redesign. It’ll probably take a year to complete the projects I have planned, but at least I’ve got a start on it now! Here are some design picks I’ve been loving from around the web.

1. See some amazing Dining Room displays at Dining By Design in NYC. Hosted by DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids). The dining space below was created by designers from Anthropologie using items from their store along with recycled materials.

Dining by Design






2.  Tour this amazing 362 square -foot cottage, this really is a must-see!

362 sq ft cottage tour


3.   If you happen to be in the Chicago area, Chicago’s Dreamhome opened on April 16th. For the rest of us, take a sneak peek at these renderings from some of the designers who worked on this project.


Chicago Dreamhome






4.  Talk about curb appeal! Tour the inside of this rustic farmhouse via Southern Living.

rustic farmhouse tour



5.  Do you know what $500,000 can buy you? A 3 story closet. My daughter will love this one, she has a love of shoes!

three story closet


 Have a great weekend!! Be sure to stop back here on Monday, I have a giveaway planned that you won’t want to miss!


  1. Love all these, but #1 would be such a fun place to dine and hang out, that ceiling! Love it. And it is so funny you go from the 362 square foot cottage and then the rustic farmhouse! LOL On the opposite ends of the spectrum. Love the rustic farmhouse look. And I would love to find out what $500,000 would buy! wouldn’t that be fun???

    1. Nikki, that is funny! I love design no matter the scale. It can be a tiny cottage or a giant mansion, I love it all!

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