Easy DIY Halloween Wreath


easy DIY Halloween wreath

I very rarely decorate for Halloween anymore. When my girls were little I went all out but now I favor more neutral fall decor. So I’m not sure what got into me this year but I had to the urge to make a Halloween wreath. Granted, it’s not a creepy, scary type of decoration but it is black and lacey.

And it could not have been easier! You only need three supplies to make this!

Supplies Needed for DIY Halloween Wreath

6″ Wide Black Lace ( I used three rolls)

1 Wire Hanger

Decorative Ribbon (I used this black and white ticking stripe)

DIY Halloween Wreath supplies

Assembling Your DIY Wreath

First, open up your hanger and get it somewhat straight. Don’t worry about it being perfectly straight because it’ll get adjusted later anyway.

Next, take the end of the hanger and poke it through the lace right in the center.

how to make a halloween wreath

Continue threading the hanger down the center of the ribbon, bunching it up as you go, as shown below.

easy black lace halloween wreath how to

Keep adding ribbon and molding it into a circle as you go until it looks full enough. I used three rolls of ribbon that were 5 yards each. If I had a fourth roll I would’ve used that too. You want it very full, otherwise, the ribbon will slide down from the top of the wreath and leave a bare spot.

making a halloween wreath

Adding Embellishments to Your Wreath

I ordered this 1.5″ striped ribbon for Christmas (yes I’m thinking about Christmas decorating already!) but realized it would work for this as well. I buy that ribbon every year from World Market but it looks as if they don’t carry it anymore so I did an online search and found it on Etsy. In addition, I had some similar ribbon leftover in the 1″ size from last year. I used a bit of both and tied it onto the wreath.

You could really use anything decorative here. Whether that be a flower, a pumpkin, the possibilites are endless.

simple black lace halloween decoration diy ideas

I left the ribbon long, trailing down to the floor. There are two reasons for that. It gives a dramatic effect to the wreath for starters. Secondly, I didn’t want to cut it up because I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be using it for Christmas.

pretty black DIY Halloween Wreath

This DIY Halloween wreath was so easy it only took about a half an hour or less to make. I put together a little video for this one to help give you a better visual.

How simple is that?

Halloween crafts, diy wreath ideas

Super simple, yet festive enough for Halloween!


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