Decorating With Ladders

Hello there! Have you noticed the decorating with ladders trend lately? I’ve been seeing it everywhere and I have to say, I am a fan. So rustic and so cool, there are endless options for decorating with ladders. They make great use of small spaces by going vertical. And they are versatile enough to use just about anywhere. Add to the list they are budget friendly…winning!


The most common use for ladders is to use one as a blanket holder.

rustic ladder blanket holder


You can even diy your own ladder for only $7!

diy farmhouse ladder blanket holder


Or use a ladder to hold a variety of decor items.

rustic farmhouse ladder decor



It’s also a great way to display plants.

ladder plant stand


ladder plant stand can also hold a variety of garden supplies.

rustic ladder plant stand



Make it a ladder bathroom shelf for extra storage.

ladder bathroom shelf



This taller ladder with colorful bath towels, adds a ton of storage in a small space.

bright bathroom with ladder shelf


This rustic bathroom ladder shelf with an added basket is perfect for displaying rolled up towels.

bathroom ladder shelf


Hang baskets from a ladder for towels, or toiletries.

ladder shelf with baskets



Add string lights to a ladder to brighten things up.

ladder with lights



Double ladders next to the bed creates interest. One holds a pendant light and the other functions as a night stand.

ladder with light



Use a ladder for a shoe display. When my daughter sees this photo, she will absolutely want one.

diy ladder shoe shelf


They work in the kitchen or dining room to hold extra serveware.

kitchen ladder shelving



Or get super creative with a ladder desk that has lots of storage space,

ladder desk


This next one is a diy ladder desk build.

large diy ladder desk


Short on space? Use just one ladder for a desk area that can fit in even the smallest of spaces.

small space ladder desk


This creative trio of ladder hung on a wall makes great use of entry way space. Some added hooks makes it a good catch-all for jackets, hats, etc.

entry way ladder hooks



Decorating with ladders is not just for inside. Use it for an outdoor ladder plant stand vignette.

outdoor ladder plant stand


What do you think of this decorating trend?




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