What’s Your Design Style?

One of the first things they teach in design school is how to have a harmonious home. The kind of homes you see where everything just flows or “works” together. Identifying your decorating style helps to achieve this.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the more popular decorating styles today and see what one you’re most drawn to. Some of these can easily cross over to others (farmhouse, with rustic for example) and some have been around forever just under different labels.


Traditional interiors are classic styles that usually stand the test of time. Though sometimes they can look dated if not done well. As per the name, furniture in these interiors will have traditional shapes and fabrics. They’re often layered and lean toward formal.


Modern interiors are all about clean lines and often lean towards minimalism. You’ll find mid-century modern furniture in modern spaces and patterns are often geometric. Though minimalist, it doesn’t have to look cold as you can see with this pretty nursery above.


Thanks to Chip and Joanna, I’m sure everyone knows what farmhouse style is all about. Shiplap walls, weathered paint, and vintage finds. Definitely one of my favorites.


No bohemian space is complete without lots of plants, and fun patterned fabrics. Add a bit of wicker in wood tones and you’re set! Mid-century modern furniture also works really well with this bohemian style.


Scandinavian is the most minimalist of all the design styles. The color pallet is often white or very light neutrals though contrasting that with black accents also works really well. Furniture styles can range from slightly rustic to very modern.


The key to rustic design is natural materials, such as warm wood tones and natural texture like the rock wall shown above. Think cozy cabin in the woods with comfortable furniture and wood beams. Consequently, this is a great style to layer with farmhouse.


When I think of coastal style done right, I think of New England homes, Hampton style. Comfortable but beautiful furniture layered with textures, stripes, and shades of blue. Pretty wood tones add more texture and small coastal accent pieces complete the picture. Most importantly, you don’t need a Hampton’s budget to pull this look off.

French Country

French Country style is somewhat new compared to others such as traditional and modern. It’s all about natural materials and elegant lighting with a mix of vintage. It’s really beautiful when done well. And nobody does it better than the blogger featured in the photo above.

Combining More Than One Design Style

My favorite interiors are often the ones that combine two or more styles. It’s not an easy look to pull off but is a great way to add a beautiful layered effect. Combined styles are often referred to as transitional or eclectic. Here are a few examples.

The room above is a nice combination of farmhouse (planked walls, brick fireplace) with modern accents (the black planter and side chair) and even incorporates boho with the vase and pillow.

This room merges traditional with rustic so well. The shapes and features are all traditional while the materials are all rustic.

Coastal colors and materials meet modern furniture in the room above. The hanging chair and plant even add a hint of boho.

Industrial is another design style that I neglected to mention above. The main components of industrial style are often exposed brick and black metal as shown in the room above. The modern furniture pairs beautifully with industrial accents.

Which of these Design Styles is Your Favorite?

Which one do you most identify with? Can’t pick just one? Experiment with combining two or more! Because whatever your design style, you should always go with what you love over following any design rules!


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