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rattan daybed

There is a home decor magazine that sometimes features a section with a high/low comparison of home items. I forget what magazine it is, but I’ve always loved that feature. A few weeks ago a saw this beautiful daybed shown above and fell in love with it. When I looked it up I got a little sticker shock! A few days later I saw a very similar daybed for half the price. Which gave me the idea to do my own splurge vs save home decor post today!

The daybed that sparked this blog post idea costs $1198, but the one on the right* only costs $549!

Rattan Daybeds


The more expensive sideboard on the left is $629 vs the less expensive one (which I like better) on the right which sells for $229.

mirrored sideboards

These two chandeliers are slightly different in size but not by much. The more expensive chandelier on the left is priced at $629, and the less expensive on the right is only $59.99!

splurge vs save chandeliers


I noticed this ottoman right away while browsing online because I have a very similar one in my living room. The one of the left sells for $825 (on sale), I bought my ottoman shown on the right for $230!

upholstered ottomans splurge vs save


The more expensive table on the left sells for $2399 vs the less expensive table on the right which sells for $899.

save vs splurge dining table


The braided wool rug on the left is $1495 (on clearance!) for an 8 X 10′ size, the wool rug on the right goes for $699.99 for the same size.

wool rugs price comparison



Each of these beds is made from pine wood. The bed on the left is the more expensive option and sells for $1599 for a queen size, while the bed on the right sells for $749.99 for the same size.

reclaimed wood beds


The metal and glass coffee tables (you get 2 nesting tables) on the left are priced at $675, but you can get the same look for only $190 with the coffee table on the right.

splurge vs save coffee tables


Just like I mentioned last week when I shared my bathroom vanity lighting last week it pays to shop around!



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Splurge vs Save, it pays to shop around! You won't believe the price comparison on these 8 home decor picks!


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  1. This is great! I really enjoyed The Splurge vs Save Home Decor newsletter! Hope you will do more.

  2. I think the magazine you’re talking about is HGTV magazine. I get it all the time, and that is a favorite feature of mine as well.

  3. Sandra ONeill says:

    Loved this. Hope you do more.

  4. It sure does pay to shop around, Roxanne! Great finds and I’ve seen that console and table… Yeah, a favorite shop and I’ve been there at High Point but man, they are expensive! Love the tables, especially. <3

    Happily pinned for you, <3
    Barb 🙂

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