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Have you seen the latest patterned tile trend? I’m not a huge fan of lots of tile in the home, but this is a trend I’m really loving. According to this article from Bob Villa , they are also referred to as  encaustic tile,  and were popular back in the 1800s. Isn’t funny how everything comes back around as far as styles and trends? My mother and I were just talking about this in an antique shop a few weeks ago. From clothes to cars to home decor, everything old really is new again!

Although I love all of the patterned tile trends, my favorites are the more monochromatic, muted patterns. I also love it when a few patterns are used for a varied look. This stunning bathroom would be amazing even without this amazing floor.



I love the light gray and white floor paired with the subway tile.


My Domaine

I do love the bolder graphite color in this kitchen floor also.


Nesting With Grace 

A few well-placed gray accents bring out the gray in this floor.

Cocoa Lapine Design Patterned Tile Floors

Cocoa Lapine Design

This next bathroom leaves me speechless, isn’t it amazing?


House Beautiful

This floor is my favorite. Muted, varied perfection.

Patterned Tile Flooring mudroom/foyer

Home Bunch

This tub, with the tile pairings and chandelier is stunning.



Patterned tile isn’t just for floors. Look at it used as a wall treatment in this next bath.

Pattern Wall Tiles Bathroom Ideas

Mia’s Interiors

This is the only photo I could find that used blue and white tiles. Again, I love how some of the blues are more muted in this one.



Or go really bold and use it on stair treads!

Pattern Tile Staircase Runners

Cote Maison

 Which is your favorite trend that has resurfaced? I just hope the 80’s trends don’t ever come back around. There are some styles that should stay forgotten!

Show clockwise below:  Merona Tile Home Depot/Palazzo/Black and White Merola Tile/Artea Tile Wayfair

10 Ways to use Patterned Tile

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  1. these are great. If only we had a house where we could paint the floor 😉

  2. These patterned tiles are gorgeous. I love the bathroom with it on the wall behind the mirrors. Great inspiration!

  3. The mud room and the one with the black and white staircase tile are both my favorite! I admit that I adore this look and want to incorporate this somewhere in my home. But worry it is soooooo trendy, which is fine but it will feel dated very fast.

  4. I love patterned tile. We are using some for our fireplace hearth area and I want to put it everywhereeee.

  5. Danielle Gary says:

    Hello. I would like to know about the textile steps. Are these decals? Do you sell them?

  6. Debi Porche says:

    Can you tell me the name of the tile at the top of this page that is in the bathroom in the second picture?
    I love it! Remodeling a bathroom soon.

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