Inspired By Kilim Rugs

I’ve been inspired by some beautiful Kilim rugs I’ve spotted around the internet recently. I’ve wanted one of these for years, but have yet to get one other than a small DIY Kilim rug I made awhile back. Kilim rugs, also referred to as Turkish rugs are hand-woven rugs. Rather than your typical pile type rug, these are made using a process known as the flatweave. They have a very distinct style that is easy to spot. Here are some of my favorite spaces using Kilim rugs.

Heather Bullard uses Kilim in this stunning entry that perfectly combines farmhouse with a hint of boho.

Heather Bullard Entry way dutch door Kilim rugs


The Southern Loom made me do a double take with this amazing staircase covered in Kilim rugs. Amazing!! I mean really amazing!

The Southern Loom Turkish Rugs on stairs


Amber Interiors uses a Kilim  rug with beautiful warm colors in this bedroom design.

Amber Interiors Turkish Rug rustic modern bedroom


The Kilim rug in the entry way shown here is the perfect finishing touch to this character-filled space.

Kilim Rug Entry Way


Also from Amber Interiors (via Instagram) is this amazing ottoman covered in a Kilim. They custom make these for clients, so if you’re interested stop by and check them out!

amber interiors kilim ottoman


The rug is the star of the show in this simple,  modern living room.

domino modern living room kilim rug


If you’re afraid to commit to a large rug, start with a small  Kilim rug in the kitchen.

Kilim Rug in the kitchen style me pretty


Kilim rug in the bathroom will take your design up a notch or two.

kilim rug in the bathroom


If you are wondering where to find these gorgeous rugs, try Etsy. They have a great selection of vintage, one of a kind rugs in many different price ranges. Here are a few of my favorites I found while browsing there*.

Antique Persian Blue Tribal

Antique Persian Blue Tribal Kilim Rug


Old Turkish Kilim Rug

Old Turkish Kilim Rug


Antique Tribal Khamseh Bird Rug

Antique Tribal Kilim Bird Rug


Persian Isfahan Wool and Silk Twentieth Century Rug

twentieth century isfahan wool and silk kilim rug


Which one is your favorite?


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  1. I think I’m obsessed with these rugs, how beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I wish I could have one <3

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