Ideas for Decorating with Easter Eggs

I can’t believe Easter is only a couple of weeks away!  This year is flying by already.  I haven’t really gotten around to doing any Easter decorating yet, but I have been finding some amazing decorating ideas.

How pretty is this vignette with ombre eggs?

ombre eggs

Family Circle

Create a floral centerpiece using two vases.  The flowers go in the center vase, and the eggs go in the outer vase.

Easter egg vase


Another centerpiece idea, layer pastel eggs with similar-hued florals.

egg centerpiece

via DIY & Crafts

I love this super charming idea, a vintage scale with floral sprigs from a plum-tree and speckled eggs.  My next house will have a plum tree.

Easter vingette

Home is Where the Boat Is

Make an adorable egg planter using pansies, succulents or any other little florals you can find.  In order to do this, you need to “blow out” your egg to get this look.  You do so by firmly tapping the pointed end of the egg with a knife in several spots, think of it like carving out a little lid.  Once you discard the inside, you need to tap a little drainage hole through the bottom of the shell as well.

easter egg planters


These trendy subway art eggs are very creative!  Kristyn from Liluna made these by applying lettered stickers to the eggs, painting with acrylic paint and removing the stickers once they were dry.  I love the bright colors she chose for the paint, too.

Subway art Easter eggs


You can get floral designed eggs a few different ways.  The easy way is to use some little floral stickers.  Or, if you have some pretty floral napkins, you can cut out a few of the flowers and Mod Podge it onto your eggs.  When in doubt, Mod Podge.

floral easter eggs

via LRF

Would you believe these paisley eggs were made using silk ties?  Go raid your husband’s closet and then read the complete how-to in the link below.

paisley eggs


I wish I had time to make them all!  How do you decorate with Easter Eggs?  Which is your favorite?

Easter Decorating Ideas

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