DIY Spring Flower Basket

How to make this spring flower basket with ivy handle

While we’ve actually had a few warm-ish days here in NJ but we are nowhere near ready for outdoor planting yet. I bought a variety of flower seeds online and can’t wait to get them planted and work on some outdoor projects I have in mind. In the meantime, I made this DIY spring flower basket to hold me over.

This is made with fake flowers, though I really did consider using real for this little project. I decided to experiment with the fake first and if it went well, make a real one for Easter.

What You Will Need For the Spring Flower Basket*:


planter pot

floral stems

ivy garland

floral tape

floral foam


First, I added the floral foam inside the pot. After that, I took two of the flower stems and placed them opposite each other inside the pot to get an idea of how high I wanted them. Once I had them at the right height, I used the floral tape to hold them together.



Before I took them out of the pot, I made a dot with a sharpie where I wanted my ivy to end. This way the lower portions would be left uncovered to slide back into the flower basket.



I thought about buying ivy stems and taping those on, but when I was shopping I found this ivy garland with chain links. It would’ve cost about the same either way and this was much easier considering I just had to slide the floral stems right through the chain links. Make sure you look for the ivy “chain” garland if you want to recreate this.



When I had the ivy where I wanted it, I cut off the excess and placed it back into the basket. The ivy held onto the stems easily with no floral tape needed. Lastly, I started filling in the bottom with my fake flowers.

DIY Easy Flower Basket


I used a mix of light pink and white flowers.

How to make an easy DIY Spring flower basket


Fill it in until you have the desired amount in your spring flower basket.

DIY Basket of Spring flowers


That’s it! This was so easy I think I will make a real one for an Easter centerpiece! By then the ivy I have outside might green up enough to use it. You could also tuck a few decorated Easter eggs into this to make it more festive for the holiday!




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Learn how easy it is to make this DIY Spring flower basket using real or fake flowers!

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