Anthro-Inspired Lamps

Anthropologie has some of my favorite lamp shades. However, starting at $90 for just the shade I cannot justify spending that kind of money on one.

Anthro LampS

I decided to redo a couple of lampshades for my younger daughters room that are similar in style to my favorites at Anthropologie using items I had on hand. I already had two lamps with white shades. They felt a little flat & I wanted to add some texture. The first one is a ruffled, shabby chic version.

lamp b&a

These are iPhone pics, sorry for the quality. To make this lampshade I used an old ruffled shirt I found in my daughters closet that she no longer wears. It was small and stretchy and perfect for this project. I slipped the shirt right over the existing shade until it was arranged just where I wanted it. I then cut off the top part of the shirt while leaving about an extra 1/2-1 in of material to fold over the top of the shade. Using my hot glue gun, I just folded the excess material over the top of the shade and glued it in place. Simple.

The next one I decided to make was originally going to be my version on the Anthro lamp with the rosettes. I had some gauze-y fabric already on hand.


So I googled how to make fabric rosettes and got to work. After about 45 minutes & I still only had a handful of rosettes I realized this was just going to take too long. I do not have a lot of spare time, or patience, so I decided I would have to go another route.


So I took my strips of fabric and tried just tying it around the shade to see what it would look like.


Next I knotted the tie again, and tucked the leftover fabric under the strip that is wrapped around the lamp. Then added a second strip directly under the first.


I continued this all the way down the shade, staggering the knots so each wasn’t directly under the previous. I found that triple knotting the ties will produce bigger knots, as will using wider strips of fabric. Here are the finished lamps in my daughter’s room.



Julias Room Right


This project cost me $0 because I used only stuff I already had around the house. I like the ruffled one better, my daughter likes the other one best. Which one is your favorite?

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