Amazing Small Space Design


Obsessed is what I am with this house tour.

Recently, I was watching Open House NYC and they featured the most amazing small apartment that I think I’ve ever seen. I had seen the living room featured once before, awhile back in House Beautiful. It struck me then how beautiful it is, I think I even saved the issue because of that room. This Manhattan space is designed by, and belongs to interior designer Kelly Giesen. Her attention to detail is impeccable. What she has done with 725-square feet amazes me!!

The first room you see upon entering is the kitchen.

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Kelly configured the kitchen in an L-shape to maximize space. The kitchen table is a vintage base with a reclaimed top. Instead of a standard refrigerator, she chose refrigerator drawers which blend seamlessly with the cabinets.



Originally the kitchen had an off center rectangular window, which the designer moved to the center and changed to an oval shape. Taking it from an eyesore to a feature.



Kelly mirrored the cabinet fronts to “hide clutter”. I bet you wouldn’t find any clutter anywhere in those cabinets. The mirrored cabinets also reflect the large window in the adjacent living room. On the glass front cabinets, she mirrored the back of the cabinets.

The picture below is the entry door. She added these closets to bump out the wall and give it a more formal entry feel.


Even the bathroom off the kitchen is perfect.


In the next picture, below, you can see the first glimpse into the living room on the left. There was once a wall separating the two rooms which Kelly removed.


Kelly chose a bold fabric for the window treatments to highlight the large window. She extended it floor to ceiling to draw the eye up and highlight the 10-ft ceilings. Notice the furniture layout. Instead of placing a rectangular sofa parallel or perpendicular to the fireplace, she chose the curved sofa in the corner. I love the outside of the box thinking on that and it works so well.



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In addition to the kidney-bean shaped sofa, Kelly chose a lot of curved shaped furniture for this room, to “contrast the rectangular shape of the room”. Even the throw pillows echo this curve. The chairs have exposed legs and the coffee table is lucite which helps this small space feel so airy.


The fireplace is originally from the Plaza hotel and has amazing details.


I found two pictures of the bedroom. One with blue walls and one with wallpaper. I think the wallpaper is the more current version. Both are beautiful, but the wallpaper is truly perfect.





To the right of the window, bookshelves are hidden behind curtain panels. Originally, the bedroom had one small entrance. Kelly added a second doorway with a french door to give the bedroom views of the living room window as well. Genius.



Kelly Giesen is now my interior design idol. Her small space design style is amazing. To watch the full video on open house NYC click here. To read an interview with Kelly and see more pics go to House Beautiful  You can find her website here. Does anyone love this apartment as much as I do??



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