A Trick To Sprout Flower Seeds Overnight

a trick to getting your flower seeds to germinate overnight!

Raise your hand if you’ve been working overtime on your gardens! One inexpensive way to fill those gardens up is with flower seeds.

My mother-in-law taught me a little trick years ago to get seeds to sprout overnight. The best part is that it’s simple and it works every time! Even though this is super simple, I did take a few pictures of the process to give you a visual. Some people learn better with visuals, myself included.

What You Will Need:

Flower Seeds

Nail Clippers

Paper Towels

Plastic Wrap


Bowl or Glass Cup


First spread out your desired amount of flower seeds and grab your nail clippers.


You want to snip a small piece off the end of each seed. Just enough to expose a bit of the inside. It’s easier to do with larger seeds like these Morning Glories than with smaller seeds.


I used a spray bottle to soak a paper towel and then placed the cut seeds onto that.


Fold the paper towel up, place inside your glass bowl and spray it with more water. You want it totally wet, but not dripping. I used a glass bowl this time around but we’ve even done this using paper cups and it worked.

how to get flower seeds to germinate overnight

Cover it with plastic wrap next. This acts as a sort of a greenhouse effect.


Poke holes through the top of the plastic wrap to allow air in.

how to get seeds to sprout quickly

Next, place it in the sun for the day. I brought mine in when it started to get dark (and chilly) and left it on my kitchen table overnight. When I opened it the next day this is what I found. Isn’t that awesome?

a trick to getting your flower seeds to germinate overnight!

Once my daughter did this using the paper cup method and set it on her windowsill. She promptly forgot about them for who knows how long. When she looked at them sometime later, though the towels had dried out they had sprouted like crazy!

Here are what the flower seeds looked like after 36 hours.


I planted a couple on that day but left some in the damp towel for another two days to see what would happen. Here they are on day 5.

forcing flower seeds to sprout, day 5

Isn’t that cool? The trick with this is to make sure you do it on a sunny day. The dampness of the towel combined with the sun is what gets the flower seeds to sprout.

I am going to plant the rest of these Morning Glory seeds in a hanging planter because I read somewhere that if you do, they’ll grow down as a trailing vine. I’ll keep you posted if that works or not. If you’ve ever tried that please leave a comment and let me know how it worked.

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Here’s a quick video for anyone who prefers a better visual!


  1. I had never heard of this trick! I’m trying it with morning glories today……some in the ground, so to trail from hanging baskets. I will let you know if the trailing works! Thanks for the info!

    1. You’re welcome, Cheryl. Keep me posted!

  2. Mary Evans says:

    This is totally new to me. Thanks for a great post on how to,do,something so easy.
    I can use this for my handing baskets hopefully.

  3. mary scott says:

    Thank you. Pinned!

  4. Morning glories will take over everything and will never die!! Unless you have an area that you just want for morning glories till the end of time, Step away and run!

    1. Wow, Jennifer! I’ve never had that problem! I replant them every year because I can’t get them to come back!

    2. You are thinking bindweed. They are not the same

    3. K-Dawn Bennett says:

      I hear you lol. I planted mine in a pot and leaned a trellis against the side of my house because the Morninh Glories were taking over my strawberry fields. So, yes, I agree! Happy planting!

  5. I’ve done this for year,except for snipping the ends. Works like a charm. And yes I’m in MA and the morning glories will come back every year here. Some in a large pot climb a trellis every year, and some strangling my hydrangea and blue berry plant in front of th the vegetable garden.

  6. To control morning glory spread and reseeding, pull off each flower after it has died. If left on the plant it will develop seeds, which will fall to the ground or be blown by the wind, and possibly grow the following year.

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