10 Garden Benches

Garden benches may just be the most perfect accent piece for outdoor areas. Not only do they create ambiance, they are functional as well! A well-placed garden bench can highlight the best areas of your yard, or serve as an accent to it. Use one to add a fun pop of color, or match it to your garden. The possibilities are endless, as well as the variety of benches available. Here are 10 of my favorite garden benches I found while browsing online.


The criss cross back on this garden bench* caught my eye right away.

criss cross garden bench


Use a garden bench in a pretty blue shade.

blue garden bench, outside bench


curved back bench is nice for curved garden areas or pathways. This one is made of clay and resin and only weighs 35 lbs, making it easy to move around the garden. It’s also much less expensive than a cast stone bench, which can weigh over 200lbs.

curved back bench, outdoor bench, garden benches


Keep it classic in white with an X-style back.

white garden bench X back, patio bench


Add architecture to your yard with a garden arbor, the bench is built-in.

garden arbor with bench


Add a pop of color on the porch in red.

red garden bench


Is there anything better than the garden swing?

white porch swing bench


Keep it simple, with a rustic wood bench.

rustic wood outdoor garden bench, wooden bench


If modern is more your style, check out this resin wicker bench.

wicker garden bench, garden seats


I had to throw in one farmhouse style bench, though I think this one is more for an indoor or covered outdoor space.

farmhouse garden bench

Garden benches may be the most versatile piece of furniture you can buy for your outdoor spaces! Hang string lights above it or place lanterns around it for extra ambiance! Which one is your favorite?


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Garden Benches are the most versatile piece of outdoor furniture. See our 10 favorites!


  1. Timely! I could not fall asleep last night because I started to think about a bench and an arbor into my backyard! ha! laura

    1. Lol, those are the kind of things that keep me awake too!

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