1890 Farmhouse Tour

farmhouse tour, remodeled bathroomLast week I shared with you a recap of our fun weekend at the Country Living Fair. Today I’m excited to take you on a farmhouse tour of the Airbnb that we stayed in.

After looking into hotels in the area, my daughter suggested checking out an Airbnb instead. We found an authentic farmhouse on 30 acres built in the 1800s available for rent that weekend. I thought what better way to experience a full country living weekend than that? And it was less expensive than booking 2 rooms for 2 nights in a hotel.

cl fair farmhouse porch, farmhouse decor

When we arrived in Rhinebeck on Saturday, we went right to the house first. It was beautiful, with so many original features. Some of the rooms were remodeled and some were not. The unfinished rooms were a little disappointing; holes where outlets once were, walls that looked like they had been recently stripped of wallpaper,  but the rooms that were finished were beautiful. The bathroom (first picture above) was completely remodeled. I love that they kept the original wood floors there as well as in most of the other rooms.

Here is a shot of the kitchen. I love the shiny beadboard ceiling and the rustic door. I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking what I would do with this farmhouse if it were mine.

original farmhouse kitchen


Right off the kitchen is the dining room, which was one of my least favorite rooms. Several of the ceilings looked like this. It seemed as if they were in the process of working on them. New can lights had been installed in some of them. I wasn’t a fan of the area rug in here and we had a few laughs over that candelabra.

country farmhouse decor, farmhouse tour dining room


Right off the other side of the dining room is a butlers pantry. This room was also in need of repair as you can see on the ceiling. I’d really like to get my hands on that space!

butler's pantry farmhouse ideas


Upstairs there were three bedrooms.

farmhouse foyer


The master bedroom has french doors that lead into the hallway. On the other side of the room, it also has a passthrough to the bathroom. It was a gigantic room.

rustic farmhouse design


This rustic desk in the bedroom was one of my favorite things in the house. Here’s a view from the other side.



Out the window, you could see the neighbors in the distance. They were a pretty far away. When it got dark out, you wouldn’t even know there were neighbors around. I’ve always loved the idea of having my neighbors being far away, but the reality of it was a little unsettling when you’re used to people all around.

farmhouse view


Outside, the property was amazing.

stone cutter farmhouse decor


Complete with an original barn.

1890s barn


Lots of cute planters on the porch, this one I really liked.

planters and porches farmhouse tour


As well as this one.

1-farmhouse tour-planter


After experiencing the full living-in-the-country-in-a-fixer-upper I realized that the dream of it might be better than the reality. I could definitely get on board with living in a fixer-upper like this, but living in the boondocks, not so much.

farmhouse curb appeal




  1. I think it is sad that you are so disparaging of these accommodations! I thought each picture was delightful, even the ones showing the process of the remodeling. And many of us love living in the “boondocks”!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Cheryl. I should mention that I didn’t share the rooms that were in a state of serious disrepair in this post. I also didn’t mention that due to the remodeling, there was a serious issue with bugs getting into the house. For the amount I paid to stay in these accommodations, I was expecting a little bit more. That being said, I truly did love this old farmhouse.

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