Home Ideas: 

The Honeycomb Home

Small Changes with Big Impact

You might be surprised at how a beautiful vase full of tall branches can elevate a space.  Switch them out seasonally to keep things fresh & interesting!

Add Tall Branches

Swap A Side Table

Something as simple as changing out an end table can change the entire look of a room.  Swap one out for something new or swap from another room and audition a few pieces!

Bring In Vintage

Add instant character to a space with well loved vintage pieces.  They bring in something that new furniture can't replicate.

Coffee Table Vignette

Take a few minutes to create a pretty coffee table vignette.  A little styling here can go a long way!.

Change Wall Art

When we live with things for a period of time, we tend to stop "seeing" them.  Swapping out your wall art for something new (or vintage) will wake up your space.

New Window Treatments

Windows are one of the largest elements in a room. Changing out your curtains will change the whole look. Make it a focal point!

Paint Something

We all know nothing transforms a room quite like paint.  If you aren't up for painting the walls, try painting a piece of furniture.  It will have the same effect..

Mirrors to Reflect Light

Put a mirror across from or perpendicular to a window.  It will reflect and bounce light all around and brighten things up considerably!