The Easiest Way To Paint kitchen cabinets!

Painting kitchen cabinets isn't hard, but it is a time investment!

The first step is to clean them well with a degreaser.  You don't want grease spots seeping through your finished paint.

Remove all cabinet doors and hinges.  Number the doors and hinges so you remember where they go.  Lightly sand the doors and frame.

Paint the cabinet frames first.  Painting the inside is recommended but we skipping that part except for where we had glass doors!

Next paint your cabinet doors.  We used chalk paint and a regular paint brush.  A paint sprayer would give a smooth finish and make this go faster.

Protect your finish with a clear sealer.  We used a protective wax on ours.  When dry, rehang cabinet doors.

You can see our entire budget-friendly kitchen makeover via the link below!