If you have outdated flooring but don't have the time or money to replace it, there is an alternative solution!

Removable decals come in a variety of patterns and offer custom options as well.  With several sizes to pick from, these can be used on floors, backsplashes or even outdated wall tile.

We used 12" square decals to cover up our outdated tile floors.  To install, we started with the full square tiles first.

To apply the sticker, peel back 1 inch of the backing.  Line up that edge with the floor so it's straight.  Then peel the rest of the backing off smoothing as you go.

For tiles that need to be cut, we set the decal down and traced with a pencil the area that needed to be cut.  So easy!

And that is ALL there is to it!

It's that easy to go from drab to fab!  Swipe up for more details on these floors!


That if you have an ugly sink but aren't ready to replace it, that you can paint it?!