When Picking Paint Colors

The Honeycomb Home

Mistakes to Avoid

Don't Skip The Samples.

The lighting in your room will change throughout the day, affecting your chosen color.  Live with a sample on the wall for a few days to be sure you're happy with it before painting everything.

Don't Pick A Color Because You Saw it in Someone Else's House.

Just because it looked good in their house, doesn't mean it will work in yours.  Interior and exterior lighting as well as the other colors in your home can drastically change the way it shows in your house.

Don't Pick A Color You Saw Online

Computer screens can skew the color and does not accurately display the undertones.

Don't Skip The Primer

Priming the wall creates a clean backdrop so that your carefully chosen color doesn't take on any undertones of previous colors.

Don't Use Old Primer

Primer goes bad after sitting awhile and can leave a terrible odor when it's past its prime.

Don't Skip The Prep Work

Take the time to clear the room of furniture, remove outlet covers, put down drop cloths.  It will save you headaches later.

Don't Forget To Clean the Walls First

It doesn't have to be a major spring cleaning project just be sure the walls are free of dust and grime.

Don't Forget to Let the First Coat Fully Dry

Beginning the second coat before the first coat is fully dry can result in brush strokes or peeling paint.

Now that you know what NOT to do, learn how to pick your paint colors like a pro & effortlessly coordinate a whole house color scheme!