How To  Root  Boxwoods

Begin by taking a cutting from an existing boxwood shurb.  

Next, cut the root diagonally to expose the green root inside.

Dip your cutting into a cup of water and dip again into your rooting hormone.

Fill a ziploc bag with potting soil.  Water it well and squeeze out any excess.

Place your boxwood cutting into the potting soil.  It helps to poke a hole first so your rooting hormone doesn't rub off.

Tie your bags closed with twine or string and place in a sunny location.  Do not water them again.

I placed mine in a mini greenhouse.  You want to keep the temperature consistent while waiting for them to root.

Check after a few weeks. They may not all root every time but if you keep them consistently warm, your odds will go way up!

Propagating evergreens can be hit or miss but using these tips will greatly increase your odds of success!