Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

Mixing Old and New:

Home Decor

Using vintage decor in your home not only adds character to a plain room but will also save you money!

In our living room, we added a mantel we found for a steal on marketplace and made it the focal point.

When I see something unique when thrifting, like this coffee table, I buy it quick.  I love one of a kind finds!

The painted design is fun and interesting and I can always repaint it when I get tired of it.

Look for pieces with "good bones". This coffee table is a great shape and has the pretty pedestal underneath.

Keep an open mind.  I found a set of vintage pink lamps for $20 at the flea market.  I wasn't looking for pink but they were too good to pass up!

Vintage art can add character to a room all on it's own.  There's a reason it's trending right now, though it will never not be in style!

Don't overlook the small things.  A vintage vase paired with an antique book on a side table makes for a beautiful vignette.

The book is an interior design textbook from Harvard University and it was found for only $1 at a flea market!

Mixing old and new makes for a comfortable, collected look that you can't achieve with modern decor alone.