UPCYCLED Hutch Makeover

This secondhand hutch could be easily overlooked.   At a price of only $45 we saw the potential in this one!

We took the top portion off to make it easier to work with and began sanding it down with a palm sander.

We removed the inside shelves and tried a few methods of sanding on them.  Above, we tried a soda blaster.  That ended up being too hard to work with and we switched to a chemical stripper.

Next, the lower half of the hutch was painted light gray while leaving the top portion wood-toned.

The upper half was treated the same way.  The upper shelves were also left wood-toned and all those areas were treated with a cerusing wax for a whitewashed finish.

The two drawer pulls were changed for a more updated look.

You'd never know this pretty hutch was only $45!

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