honest review

vinyl plank flooring

Is vinyl plank flooring (aka resilient flooring) right for you?  Here's our honest review after living with them for over 5 years.

Scratch resistant

I was recently reminded how durable vinyl flooring is when I accidentally scratched them up with new chairs.  I had forgotten to add the felt to the bottom.

Fortunately this was an easy fix.  I simply applied cleaner to a paper towel and buffed the scratches off the floor.  It took under 60 seconds to correct!

Mopping Vinyl Floors

Mopping vinyl flooring is also easy.  I like to use a steam mop to clean and disinfect.  Sometimes I will also use a wet swiffer pad when I don't feel like pulling out the steamer.

they look like hardwood

With so many varieties available you can easily find planks that look exactly like hardwood flooring.  Some companies even offer floors that can be installed in a herringbone pattern!


I really wanted the look of wood floors in my bathroom so we found a waterproof option in vinyl.  I never have to worry if they get wet!


Vinyl plank flooring is far less expensive than real hardwood is.  It's also easy enough to install yourself further saving you thousands in installation costs. 

In summary, we have no regrets since we installed our vinyl plank floors.  They are durable, affordable and look great!